2 Year Warranty on the Logitech Quick Cam Vision Pro

Logitech offers a 2 years warranty on the Quick Cam Vision Pro Web Cam

Logitech QuickCam Vision Pro Web Cam
Logitech QuickCam Vision Pro Web Cam

I think Logitech customer service is one of the best and should be replicated by others. I have had my Logitech QuickCam Vision Pro web cam for Mac for almost two years now in fact I purchased my QuickCam Vision Pro on November 25th 2008 and I called today November 9th 2010 to do a warranty exchange, because my Quick Cam Vision Pro web cam stopped working about a year ago when I upgraded my Mac operating system to Snow Leopard. I have tried many different thing to get this web cam to work, but nothing seemed to work so I called logitech and found out that they offer a 2 year warranty for this web cam, so I spoke with a nice girl by the name of Caitlyn and she made the process very simple she just asked me what happened and if I still had the proof of purchase, so I told her what happened and I did have the proof of purchase, so she took my information down, and just like that I have a new Logitech Quick Cam Vision pro web cam on its way to my house the process was simple and fast. I think the total time I spent on the phone with Caitlyn was less that five minutes, now that’s world class customer service from a company that stands behind their product. I can tell you this much for sure, as long as the customer service and warranty for Logitech products never change I will remain a loyal Logitech Customer for life. I highly recommend Logitech to anyone looking to buy any accessories for their computer, because I have experienced nothing but good customer service and excellent product warranties that are back 100% by Logitech.

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