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Devry University

Devry University | WAY TOO EXPENSIVE

I would not recommend Devry University to anyone unless you are military and they are willing to pay for it or if you have a job who is willing to pay for your education. I am 30 years old and decided to go to Devry University for a degree in WGD web graphic design this is an associates program and the cost is a whopping $29,000 to $35,000 dollars yes this is not a typo the cost is about the same as the purchase of a brand new car. I was misinformed of the cost when I first signed up. I was told that the cost per credit was $580, but if I went to school full time which is 12 credits / units or above that I would get a discounted rate of $350 per credit, well it turns out that this was not the whole truth. The way the counselor should have explained the cost per credit is as followed ( credits 1 through 11 are at the rate of $580 and credits 12 and above are at the rate of $350 per unit or credit ) had the counselor explained it to me this way I would have never fell into the trap. Another thing is Devry does not send you statement nor do they make it easy for you to access your student account to keep track of how much debt you have accumulated. I was about 1 year in at Devry when I started to check in to things and realized that I was in debt $26,000 and still had another $12,0000 to go before I would get my associates degree. I then started to investigate what my ROI return on investment was going to be once I did get my degree in web design and boy was I surprised to find out that the average web designers pay in Riverside California started out at $13.50 per hour and a good pay rate was $18.00 per hour. I have been making better money doing freelance work at the rate of $50 to $100 per hour. I would not recommend this school to my friends or family, although I would recommend Devry University to my enemies. This school is a huge rip off especially the Colton California Campus where I attended. No one at the Colton California Devry Campus knows what the heck they are doing and if you have a question about something you will get a different answer to your question depending on who you talk to. Long story short I am going to tell you what I wish someone would have told me, if you plan to go to college to get an associates degree go to a community college it will save you a ton of money then you can transfer those credits in towards your bachelors degree wether you choose devry or some other school this will save you a ton of money I would not recommend waisting your money or your parents hard earned money on a half rate education at devry for an associates degree. Let my mistake help you from a lot of regret like I have had to deal with after attending this very expensive school know as DEVRY UNIVERSITY


Colton (Inland-Empire) Center

1090 E. Washington St. Suite H
Colton , CA 92324

Contact: 909-514-1808

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Apple TV review what you need to know before you buy the Apple TV

Apple TV Review

I finally received the Apple TV on October 12th 2010, and I was very impressed with the look and feel of the Apple TV this is truly a beautiful device, but unfortunately I did not do enough research on this product before I made the purchase, so it turns out that my TV is not compatible with the Apple TV, because my TV is 480i and the Apple TV requires that you own a 720p TV although I did not keep the Apple TV  I would still like to give the Apple TV a good rating based on what I did see, and the fact that when I called to make the return request they where very nice and helpful with making the return an easy process.

Installation Process

I did hook the Apple TV up to my 480i 55 inch TV, and it did display the picture, but the quality was not very good and I could not get any sound, but keep in mind this was my fault for not doing the proper research to make sure the Apple TV was compatible with my TV. Although the picture quality was not good due to incompatibility the installation process was simple and the menu and features are very nice. I wish I could have kept the Apple TV, but unfortunately I am not willing to go and buy a new TV just to keep the device, although I was tempted. I can tell you this much, when I do finally get a TV that is compatible with the Apple TV I am going to buy it again.

What you need to know about the Apple TV before you buy it.

Apple TV Requires that you have the following for the Apple TV to work properly.

What’s included with the Apple TV?

In the box

  • Apple TV
  • Apple Remote
  • Printed documentation
  • Power cord
  • Important HDMI cable not included

For more information on the apple TV please visit the Apple web site.

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Toyota of Riverside Scam with the old Bait and Switch tactics.

Toyota of Riverside Scam

Toyota of Riverside Scam

Have you experienced this as well from a car dealer ship?

I received a call from Toyota of Riverside on Indiana Ave from a girl named Shelly, and she stated that they had been trying to find a customer a Toyota Corrola and the car that we are currently leasing just happened to be exactly what this customer had been looking for, so she asked if I would be interested in turning in my lease early, and since they needed this car for a customer who really wants it, that they would be willing to trade keys with me for a Rav 4 or Maybe a Camry. I thought this sounded suspicious, but being that I am always looking for good content on this web site I took the bait. I drove down to the dealership and walk in to be greeted as usual by hungry car sales men just waiting to make a dollar off of me. I asked for Shelly and they paged her to he sales floor, then a sales man named Brandon just started casual conversation, and I have to admit he was a nice guy, so after waiting a while he goes to check on the status of Shelly, and of course he comes back and says she is a little busy right now so if you want I can help you out with your trade in, because he is familiar with this new trade in experiment that the dealership has just started practicing with finding a matching car for a VIP customer and trading up an existing customer, like in my case with a one year lease left. We go out to the lot and start looking at cars, and I ask Brandon if we can work some numbers first, so I don’t waste my time looking at cars if I cant even get the deal to go through, so he agrees and we go back to his office and start running credit and all the good stuff that comes with purchasing or trading in a car. It has now been about 30 to 45 minutes and I am on the phone with my wife explaining to her how I know this is a bait and switch operation and then Brandon walks in and I mention that I still have yet to meet Shelly the  person who called me in for this once in a life time deal, so Brandon pages her and she comes and introduces herself which didn’t help with my confidence in this situation, but  at least she is real and she does work there. So it has now been about one and a half hours of wasted time for me and the finance manager comes in and asks me what I am looking to do, so explain that I received a call from them and was told that Toyota wanted to buy my car back, because another customer was interested in it and I was told I could upgrade with no money down to a better car like the Rav 4 or Toyota Camry for accommodating their needs. Then the finance guy tells me that if I wanted to upgrade to a better car that it was going to add to my payment, and it is impossible to get in to another car for the same payment, which is not what i was told over the phone, so he presents me with what I would call the worse once in a life time deals. He says I can get you in to a Camry for about 349 a month, now why would I do that when I am currently paying $270.00 a month, and I have no problem with my current car. I declined his offer and made him aware that if they could not do what they said on the phone, which was to upgrade me in to a better car with no money down and the same payment then I was not interested. Anyways to make a longer story short just remember that if it sounds to good to be true then it probably is.

If you have had a similar experience with this dealership or another one please share it in the comments below.

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YouTube 2010 Survey is it real, or just another spam tactic.

What is this YouTube 2010 survey? Is it real or fake?

Stay away from this web site: it is a scam and I am pretty sure it is not really a youtube web site. This site seems like a phishing scam to collect your private information.

Ok, so I have encounter this YouTube 2010 survey twice now and it is very tempting, because the prizes that are offered are really good. Here are some of the prizes being offered $1000 WalMart Gift Card, Apple iPhone 4 and $500 Best Buy Gift Card, but I have a feeling that if I enter all of my information I am either going to get a ton of spam email or a ton of junk mail sent to my home. The survey also asks for your phone number, so I am also weary that I will get a ton of telemarketing calls if I enter my phone number or even worse a ton of spam text messages. I was wondering if anyone out there has completed this survey? And if so, did you get your prize or did you just get a tone of annoying telemarketing calls, text messages and or junk mail. Please share your experience, so that we can determine if this is a phishing scam or a real survey thank you.

I have placed some screen shots below.

Here is the link to the survey in question:

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Register your phone number and report telemarketers

Telemarketing and Spam Text messages sucks, Here is a simple way to protect yourself from these annoying practices.

I really hate annoying phone calls from telemarketers when I am at home trying to relax or even worse when I am out and it is an inconvenient time. I especially hate those annoying text messages from companies who are trying to promote their products or services to you, because often times I think its a text from my family or a friend. I have a message for all of you annoying telemarketers and spam texters, STOP it is annoying, and if I am interested in your products or services I will call you, so if you want to market to me then just send me a brochure or flier in the mail, at least this way I can read it at my convenience and decide if I like what you are offering. So how can you protect yourself from these annoying people or companies? The first thing I would suggest is to register your phone number with the National Do Not Call Registry, now this is not going to guarantee that you will not receive any more calls eve again from a telemarketer, but it will get you off the telemarketing list after 31 days, and if you do receive a call after that then you can report the telemarketer by filing a complaint to the National Do Not Cal Registry, so there you have it its that simple I rarely get telemarketing calls, but when I do I make a note of the number and the day and time of the call and I file a complaint right away. Please let me know if this article has helped you and also feel free to list any annoying telemarketers you would like to share with us below.

Share your annoying telemarketing story here.

Share your annoying spam text message story here.

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Customer review for the new Apple TV – coming soon!

The New Apple TV 2010

The New Apple TV 2010

I pre-ordered the new Apple TV on Sept 12, 2010 and understand that the expected delivery date is Oct 12th, but I can hardly wait to get this device. I have been waiting for almost a month now, and received a shipping notification today Oct 5th 2010. I am super excited to get this product. Once I finally get my new Apple TV I will be posting a review about its features, ease of use, installation process and overall performance, so stay tuned.

I finally received the Apple TV read my review and what you need to know before you buy it.

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Today I purchase Screen Flow 2 and found a coupon for 10% off

Today I purchase Screen Flow 2 and found a coupon for 10% off

Attention the Coupon Code (The Coupon Code I used has been reported as no longer working) if you find a working code please post it below.

Thank you

Screen flow 2 coupon code

Screen flow 2 coupon code

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