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Dog Grooming

I highly recommend – Ooh La La Doggie Spa

Full Service Dog Grooming in Riverside California

My wife and I took our dog Georgie to Ooh La La Doggie Spa located at 522 E Arlington Ave. Riverside, California 92504 at the Heritage Shopping Center. I was surprised with the great service they provided; when I took Georgie inside he was very calm and took to the groomer nicely. I was also surprised at how nice the inside of this place looked, it was very clean and organized. I was also surprised at how fast they had finished with Georgie I was expecting it to take a few hours but it only took about an hour, so when they called me I was not ready, because I was still running my errands, so I asked if it would be ok if I picked him up in about an hour, and they where very nice about it and said no problem. When I finally picked Georgie up I was happy with his appearance as they had tied a bandanna around his neck and also gave him a squeaky toy ball which I did not know they did all of that I thought it was just a bath, so if you live in the Riverside California area and would like to get your dog clean as well as good treatment I highly recommend Ooh La La Doggie Spa.

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Waring Pro Juicerator 850 watt

Waring Pro Juicerator 850 watts customer review

With Pulp Eject System Model JEX450 Waring Pro® makes it easy to drink healthy!

Nice Juicer but it leaves way to much juice behind. I would not recommend this juicer if you are worried about wasting juice.

I purchased this Juicer from Sams Club today, and it is very nice looking, although I was not satisfied with the amount of juice it left behind. Once I was done juicing I looked in the pulp collector and to my surprise many of the grapes I had tried to juice where merely cut in half with all of the juice still inside and the apples where completely ground up but there was a lot of juice in what I would now call apple sauce. I did think it did a rather good job on the carrots and celery stock, because most of the carrot and celery shredding where in fact pretty dry, but as for the grapes, apples, spinach, blue berries, strawberries and banana I would have to say most of the juice does not get extracted making this juicer a waste of money.

12/28/2010 Here are some photos of my morning juicing

  1. The first photo shows all of the parts which I consider to be very easy to assemble and disassemble for clean up.
  2. The Second photo shows the ingredients I used for my morning juice. Spinach, Blue Berries, Grapes Red Seedless, 1 Apple, 1 Banana, 3 Strawberries and 2 Carrots
  3. The third photo shows the pulp on the left which was still pretty wet in my opinion. I would have liked more of the juice extracted. Also the bowl on the right shows chunks of carrot and grapes which means it did not fully extract the juice from these pieces.
  4. The fourth photo represents the juice that was extracted which amounted to a little under 24 ounces enough for me and my wife.
  5. The Fifth photo is the Waring Pro Juicerator 850 Watts

More information about the Waring Pro Juicer 850 Watts

  • Professional Quality
  • Automatic Pulp Ejection into pulp receptacle for continuous juicing
  • Brushed Stainless Steel Housing
  • Powerful 850-watt
  • 2-speed motor
  • Extra-large “full 3-inch diameter” feed chute can fit a whole apple
  • See-through polycarbonate lid and pulp collector
  • 50-ounce juice cup included
  • Getting the recommended 5 to 9 daily servings of fresh fruits and vegetables has never been easier.
  • Waring Pro® Juice Extractors are made for todays health-conscious consumers. Engineered to effortlessly extract more juice from even hard root vegetables, like carrots and beets.
  • Waring Pro® Juicerator® turns nutrient-loaded produce into pure, delicious health beverages with the touch of a switch.
  • No more time-consuming peeling, chopping or cooking required!
  • Pulp is easy to remove and most parts are dishwasher-safe on top rack of dishwasher.

The Waring Juicer’s attractive design and ease make it a pleasure to own and operate.

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Health Master Blender

Would you recommend the The Living Well Montel Williams Health Master blender.

Living well health master

Living Well Health Master

I was thinking about getting the Health Master by Montel Williams, but after doing some research online I decided to hold off, because I found way more complaints about this product than I expected. I am writing this article with hopes to get more actual customers reviews, so I can get to the bottom of this, so my question is would you recommend the Health Master? Please give reasons why you would recommend this product or why you would not recommend it.

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Sylvania Netbook

sylvania netbook

Sylvaniae Netbook

$99 Sylvania 7 inch net book.

I purchased this Net book and tried to get it to do some basic things like browse the web play some music and watch some movies and I found this net book to be extremely slow. I also tried to use skype which was already installed and I could not get skype to run it would just act like it was logging in and nothing would happen. I am going to be honest I messed around with the Sylvania 7 inch net book for about 2-3 hours and I felt frustrated with its slow performance / non performance the whole time. I ended up returned it and getting my money back. I would not recommend this computer from my experience with it, but if you have purchased this net book and feel different then please feel free to post your response below or if you purchased this net book and had the same problems similar to mine please feel free to share below.

The operating system is very weak, Windows CE. This version of operating system serves as the basis for mobile devices such as a mobile phone from Microsoft, but it in itself is unfriendly to the end user, not to mention the scarcity of programs presented.

Some of the features

  • Side: 2 USB 2.0 Ports
  • Back 3rd USB port, Ethernet input and ac plug input
  • SD card slot head phones and micro phone
  • 7 inch screen 800×480
  • takes about 20-30 seconds to boot
  • 2 GB solid state memory
  • Windows embedded CE 6.0
  • 128 MB ram
  • processor  via 8505

Overall I would not recommend buying this net book based on my experience with it.

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Bumbo Baby Seat review

Bumbo Chair

Bumbo Chair

I highly recommend the Bumbo Baby Seat / Chair

I purchased the Bumbo chair for my baby Madison and I would have to say I was pleasantly surprised by the quality of this product. I am a hairstylist so while I work on a client I will put my baby in the Bumbo chair and she seems very happy and will play while I work which can be anywhere from a half hour or more. I would have to say that this is one of the best investments I have made and I highly recommend the Bumbo for any parent looking to place their baby in a safe and secure chair. I even spoke to my pediatrician and she also recommended this product highly as a matter of fact she said she uses the Bumbo chair for her baby, so I felt very confident in my purchase. At first glance I thought it was going to be hard plastic, but the Bumbo chair was actually soft and flexible, it also helps with your babies posture and allows your baby to see what’s going on around them. I highly recommend the Bumbo chair and I would have to say that it is definitely worth the price. You can get a Bumbo chair for about $40, but if you find it for a better price please feel free to post it in the comments section below.

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Stop Telemarketers

Stop Telemarkers

Stop Telemarkers

Telemarketing and Spam Text messages suck, Here is a simple way to protect yourself from these annoying practices.

I really hate annoying phone calls from telemarketers when I am at home trying to relax or even worse when I am out and it is an inconvenient time. I especially hate those annoying text messages from companies who are trying to promote their products or services to you, because often times I think its a text from my family or a friend. I have a message for all of you annoying telemarketers and spam texters, STOP it is annoying, and if I am interested in your products or services I will call you, so if you want to market to me then just send me a brochure or flier in the mail, at least this way I can read it at my convenience and decide if I like what you are offering. So how can you protect yourself from these annoying people or companies? The first thing I would suggest is to register your phone number with the National Do Not Call Registry, now this is not going to guarantee that you will not receive any more calls eve again from a telemarketer, but it will get you off the telemarketing list after 31 days, and if you do receive a call after that then you can report the telemarketer by filing a complaint to the National Do Not Cal Registry, so there you have it its that simple I rarely get telemarketing calls, but when I do I make a note of the number and the day and time of the call and I file a complaint right away. Please let me know if this article has helped you and also feel free to list any annoying telemarketers you would like to share with us below.

Share your annoying telemarketing story here.

Share your annoying spam text message story here.

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Leap Frog Tag reading system a Kids Learning Toy.

LeapFrog Tag Reading System review

LeapFrog Tag Reading System review

Attention if you are buying the LeapFrog Tag reading system for your kid/s as a gift I recommend setting it up before giving it to them, because the setup process can be lengthy. I bought this for my 3 year old as a Christmas present and I am glad I set it up before hand.

The setup process is fairly easy, but it does take about 30-40 minutes depending on how many books you have to download.

  1. Place 2 AAA batteries in the Tag Reader
  2. Download the LeapFrog Connect Software.
  3. Power on the Tag then plug it in to your computer using the cable that came with the system.
  4. Load the books you have on the device and its ready to go.
  5. Don’t forget to eject the device before unplugging it from your computer.

Overall I think the setup process was pretty easy.

After the setup process was complete I played with the Tag for about 10-15 minutes and I think it will be a great learning tool for my daughter, but I will update this article once my daughter actually plays with it.

Minor Problems I encountered when setting up the Tag reading system up.

I tried to download the LeapFrog Connect Application for Mac from the Firefox browser and it did not work, so I tried to download the LeapFrog Connect Application Mac version using Safari and it worked just fine. I wonder if anyone else has had the same problem with downloading the application from the FireFox browser?

Please feel free to share any information about the LeapFrog Tag Reading system below or if you have a question please fell free to post it below and I will respond within 24 hours.

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California Consumer Return Policy


Consumers have come to expect stores or catalog companies to offer a refund, credit or exchange when they return items. Sellers are not required by law to accept returned items unless they are defective. However, California law requires that retailers who have a policy of not providing a cash refund, credit or exchange when an item is returned with proof of purchase within 7 days of purchase must inform consumers about their refund policies by conspicuously placing a written notice about their policies, in language that consumers can understand, so that it can be easily seen and read. Some companies may limit exchanges or returns for credit or refunds on all, or some products. Some may not allow exchanges or returns for credit or refunds at all. But whatever the limitation, it must be conspicuously disclosed. Before making a purchase, carefully check the store’s policy.

The policy must be displayed either at each entrance to the store, at each cash register and sales counter, on tags attached to each item, or on the company’s order forms, if any. A return policy printed only on a receipt, for example, is not sufficient.

If a store violates this law (California Civil Code section 1723), the purchaser can return an item for a full refund within 30 days of purchase.

There are exceptions, however to the general rule requiring notice. Notices are not required for sale of perishable goods like food or plants; for items marked, “All sales final,” or something similar; for items which are used or damaged; for items customized for the consumer and received as ordered; for items which cannot be resold for health reasons; or for items not returned in their original packaging.

Some stores keep records of consumers who frequently return merchandise and sometimes report that to a central reporting company and may not offer returns or refunds to such customers. The return policy notice must refer to such practice.

Consumers who believe a retailer has violated the law can notify the consumer protection division of their local district attorney’s office or by filing a complaint with the Attorney General’s Office.

You get can get this information and more here:

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Wild West Domains Godaddy Super Resellers

Attention all / Wild West Domains super resellers I have found a mistake in the code for the super reseller site that could be costing you potential customers from purchasing from your reseller site. I have found that when a customer browses through your super reseller web site they can easily navigate off your web site and stumble on to Domains Priced Right ( ) this could be a big mistake that can cost you money that you have worked hard for. I have been a super reseller with / Wild West Domains for about 4 years now and I make a decent amount of money doing this but recently I discovered this mistake and contacted Wild West Domains about it and they sent me this email.

Dated Nov 30,2010


Our support staff has responded to your request, details of which are described below:

Discussion Notes
Support Staff Response
Dear Sir or Madam,

Our Advanced Technical Support team has reviewed this issue with your Super Reseller account. Links to offerings on a super reseller site will always link over to a Domains Priced Right page, as this is the test reseller page which hosts all products. Super reseller sites do not host these pages themselves, but instead link over to them through a querystring (app_hdr=1387) which will display the correct prices as your storefront, and will function as if your customers are purchasing from a site that you host. This is by design, and customers to your reseller site will still be able to purchase items from you with this string intact without you actually hosting the reseller site itself. I apologize for any confusion. If you need any further assistance, please let us know.

Erica L
Advanced Technical Support


I am not satisfied with this, because I have put in countless hours of building, maintaining and marketing my reseller website I feel that this is a huge issue and should be corrected as soon as possible. I do not want my hard earned traffic / potential customers to be directed to a web site that I will not be making any commissions for my hard work. I feel that if enough super resellers can contact Wild West Domains about this issue maybe we can get this fixed and have the links either removed or forwarded to our reseller web site as a sample web site for potential reseller partners.

Here is a video that will show you exactly what I am talking about.

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Windows Updates whats the deal?

Windows Updates
Windows Updates

Windows updates start time 10:30 pm, I normally work on a Mac computer, but I decided to install Windows Vista on my Mac using Boot Camp so I can test my web sites and make sure everything works between the different browsers and operating systems, but whats the deal with all of the updates I installed the Windows Vista operating system over an hour ago and I am still doing updates as a matter of fact as I am writing this article there are still 49 of 97 updates waiting to complete this is crazy. I guess when your a Mac user you get used to turning on your computer and just working, but it has been so long since I have used the Windows operating system I almost forgot what a pain in the rear it can be. This sure does bring back memories though of a time when I would spend hours on in performing updates, disc defrags, anti virus scans and malware scans. I sure am glad I don’t have to use Windows as my primary operating system I just hope this updating stuff will be done in the next few hours I need to get some sleep.

Ok, so its been about 3 hours and I though I was all done with the Windows updates, so I restarted my computer and low and behold 6 more updates. I only have one thing to say about the Windows Operating system and the long process it takes before you can even use it WOW this is crazy.

Ok, so I restated after the last 6 updates where finished and now I have 3 more updates I don’t think I will be getting any sleep tonight. I guess my recommendation to anyone thinking about installing the Windows OS try to make sure you have no plans and you start early.

I am scared, but I am going to hit the check for updates button. Its checking, still checking, still checking, still checking, still checking, wow what a surprise 15 more important updates.

For those who are keeping count I have installed 121 updates and have wasted over 4 hours of my life, and now I am asking myself why did I install Windows on my Mac? Oh yeah to check if my web sites display correct in the different browsers, and guess what there are minor issues in Internet explorer of course, but no problems in Firefox. I think it is strange because on my Mac there are no issues on any of the browsers I use, such as Safari or Firefox. Please respond below if you see any issues on my web site and the browser you are using, and I would greatly appreciate it.

Ok so Windows is still downloading the updates I sure hope this is all of them, because I started at 10:30 pm and it is now 2:25 am.

Still installing updates 5 of 15, 2:33 am Done time to restart here we go.

Windows has restarted and its 4:40 am Guess what it says, if you said update your right it says 1 more important update.

WOW I just got a pop up window saying the installation for Windows Vista Service Pack 2 might take an hour or more, and your computer might restart several times. You wont be able to use your computer during installation. This is really crazy why do people buy computers with the Windows OS?

2:45 am here we go again, so I have restarted the computer again and the install is complete it actually was not as bad as I thought it was going to be it is 3:10 am, so it did not take the full hour like it said. Now I am doing another check for updates and I swear if it says it needs more updates I give up and I am throwing in the towel, and guess what it came back with 5 more important updates. This is crazy I will have to finish this some other time, because at this rate I will go crazy.
Well its 3:13 am and I am throwing in the towel, Windows you have won this round, nut I will be back for more punishment and I hope to one day have a completely updated Windows Vista OS, if that’s even possible.
Good Morning it is 10:15 am and I am going to start the update process once again, so I have my windows update window open and it says 7 important updates to be installed lets see how many more will come when these are done.
10:41 am I just got a message saying that Windows Live Essential could not be installed. To try again, click Try Again, Ok lets do it again. I am also currently at install 6 of 7 I sure hope this is the end of the exhausting task.
10:51am same error message again lets try again.

10:56 same error this time I am going to hit close and see what happens.

10:58 time to restart

Victory is mine after nearly 180 updates and 5 to 6 hours of my life I have finaly finished the updating task. I feel so accomplished, but at the same time regretful and scared to use the Windows OS we will see what happens.

This is not intended to offend any Windows fans this is just my opinion, but I really do love the Mac OS over the Windows OS.
Please tell me how you feel about your favorite operating system below.

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