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AAG Alex’s Auto Glass

AAG Alex’s Auto Glass

Type of Business: Auto Glass Repair and Tinting

Phone: 626-968-5584
Toll Free: 800-851-3912

Address: 15743 Amar Rd. La Puente, Ca. 91744

My Review about AAG

I recently purchased a 2010 Volvo S80 and it needed the windows tinted badly. I looked around online searching for local car window tint shops in La Puente California, but it seemed like every tint shop I found had bad reviews. I was in La Puente visiting my parent when my dad told me that he had a friend at a tint shop down the street, which was AAG Alex’s Auto Glass. I was a little concerned because my dads hook ups are not always the best quality work, LOL, but I gave it a shot and when I got to the tint shop I noticed that they also repaired windows and this made me feel a little more comfortable since they seemed to have a lot of knowledge with auto glass / windows. When I first walked in the shop I was impressed with he professionalism of the girl at the front desk not only was she knowledgable but she was very friendly and helped me to pick the right tint for my car. I told her I wanted to go with a limo tint and she suggested I go limo tint in the back and a 35 tint in the front, so that I do not have trouble with getting pulled over for dark windows. I really appreciated the help she provided and wish I knew her name so I could give her credit. I got to the shop around 2 pm and they took my car in at about 2:20 pm (without an appointment I might add) and gave me an estimated time of 6:30pm so I left my brand new car in their hands with faith that they would not damage anything. I went back to my parents house and waited, and like clock work they called me to pick up my car around 6:15 pm, so I headed back to the tint shop and to my surprise the car looked immaculate. I was so impressed with the quality of work they performed as well as how clean the car was returned to me. I would highly recommend AAG Alex’s Auto Glass in La Puente to anyone looking to get a professional tint job not only are they professional and friendly, but the quality of work is outstanding. I just want to thank Alex’s Auto Glass and say great job, and that I will definitely be using your service again in the future for any of my auto window and or tint needs.

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Commission Junction

Commission Junction | Affiliate Marketing program

Type of Business: Affiliate Marketing

Phone: 800-761-1072

Web Address:

My Review about Commission Junction

Commission Junction is a big scam I have had an account with these guys for a few years now and have never made a dime. I have had my account suspended a few times for no activity but this last time I had actually been promoting the links really hard and had a balance of almost $17 now I know this is not much, but it is something and I was happy I had made anything at all. Well I received another email saying that my account had been suspended again due to no activity, so I loged in and reactivated my account and Commission Junction reset my account back to a zero balance. I would not recommend this Commission Junction to anyone who wants to make money online with affiliate marketing. I have a LinkShare account and they have never suspended my account for no activity, althoug I have not had much luck making money with them either. The only company I would recommend if you want to make money is Google Adsense I have had an account with them for about a year and I am about to get my first $100 pay check at the end of this month, so I am please with Google and would highly recommend using Google over Commission Junction who will gladly take money away for non activity as stated ion their help section I copied and pasted below. So beware of Commission Junction and their shady practices.

Below I have copied this text from the Commission Junction web site help section explaining how they will penalize your account for non activity.

Why has my balance decreased?
Why has my balance decreased?
Your balance may decrease for any of the following reasons:
Transaction corrections/reversals.
A withdrawal was made to process your payment.
Dormancy Fee ($10) assessed

Advertisers have a monthly deadline of the 10th of each month to make any corrections or reversals to transactions that are found to be invalid (e.g. incorrect customer information, voided transaction, declined credit card, returned merchandise or anything else that meant the sale or lead needed to be corrected). Understand that they can make corrections at any point up until that time, but the week preceding the 10th is the most common to see the majority of corrections assessed.


If you have qualified for payment in a given month, you will see your account balance go down by the amount included in that payment on or around the 20th of the month. You can also see the amount debited (paid to you) in the Publisher Payments section of the main Reports interface in the CJ Account Manager.

A $10 fee is charged to accounts that do not earn a commission in 6 months. You are required to earn a commission every 6 consecutive months in order to remain active within our system. After six months without having made a sale, your account will be deactivated due to dormancy. If you have funds within your account, they will be deducted $10 per month on the 1st until the balance is $0, at which time the account will be deactivated.

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Olivia’s Mexican Food

Olivia’s Mexican Food

Type of Business: Restaurant / Mexican Food

Phone: 951-509-0771

Address: 9447 Magnolia Ave. Riverside, Ca. 92503

My Review on Olivia’s Mexican Food

I took my family to Olivia’s last night and I would have to say that the food is really really good, but I would also like to add that the service is among some of the best I have ever experienced. We had Mario taking care of us and I just want to say that out of all the places I have been to in my 34 years of life that this guy should get an award for the most friendliest, and best service provider of the century. I would highly recommend Olivia’s Mexican Food to anyone in the Riverside area looking for a restaurant that serve home cooked style authentic Mexican Food. I would also highly recommend asking to be seated in the section Mario is taking care of, because he is just that good. I would like to thank Mario from Olivia’s for making our visit pleasant and enjoyable.

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