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Magic Jack Customer Service is a Joke

I have had Magic Jack for about 3 or 4 years now and I love the price and the service works pretty good for what I am using it for, but getting support can be a very frustrating and exhausting task. I have attached a text support chat below. I had to call twice and speak with two separate agents for one issue I needed help with. I will also admit that this issue was partially my fault to a certain extent, although the MagicJack web site is not very clear and is easy to misunderstand with the way it is written, but in my defense I wanted to call MagicJack to clarify what I did not understand on their web site, but MagicJack which is a phone service provider does not currently offer phone support. Please keep in mind that I do really like Magic Jack and I would recommend it to my friends and family, but I would have to say that they need to work on their support especially adding phone support to make things easier.

(Here is my first chat with a MagicJack rep which took about one and a half hours and no resolution just circles) Continue reading “Magic Jack Customer Service is a Joke” »