Who is 405-283-8500 4052838500

Did you receive a call from 405-283-8500?

If you have received a call from this number please leave a comment below and share your experience about this caller / number.

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3 thoughts on “Who is 405-283-8500 4052838500”

  1. I received a call from this number today and did not answer the call, but they did not leave a message and when I tried calling the number back to see who it was they did not answer and it just stayed silent for a few minutes before disconnecting. Does anyone know who this is calling from this phone number 405-283-8500 ?

    1. If you call this number (405-283-8500) back it will be silent but their system actually picked up. Press one and you will be in there system and you will be on hold for a short time. They answer and they think the system actually called you, ha.

      They will immediately ask you for your name. Ask them what this is about. Currently it is a so called page optimization service. When they call you they say they are calling about your Google account or something making you believe this is a call from Google. When you press one you will be put on hold most likely for a minute or so. I was on hold for several minutes. That should be a sign right there that this is a real low class operation.

      This sounds to me like a telemarketing company that does campaigns for different entities. Most probably scams or highly questionable in there practices. I am amazed that these companies are in business. There must be people who actually respond to their offer and actually do business with them. And they probably get screwed every bit as much as they deserve for being so gullible and stupid.

      I’ve got an idea. Most of these stupid and unprofessional telemarketing companies usually just ask for the owner like, “huh, is the owner there”. Like Im going to say sure here he is or YES I am the owner. Ha Ha. Why not when they ask to speak to the owner you ask to speak to the owner. When they say no you say back, “why? you called to ask for the owner, if so I would like to speak to the owner there” “Why would I want to speak to you?” Hey, if you actually got to speak to the owner why not offer your services as a business consultant and charge them a load of money to show them how to actually operate professionally. Maybe you could actually get the gig.

      Why not everybody call this number try to get them to tell you who they are and get the contact info and address for there company. See how many different responses you get. I called three times and got Irvine, Arkansas and Oklahoma. Ironically the company actually appears to be from Oklahoma. The girl stumbled when she tried to give me the number and then came up with a lame excuse.

      If enough people call maybe they will get bothered enough that we hinder there operations and they go out of business, hurray. We should organize and take an assault on all unprofessional telemarketing.

      If they can’t state their name and who they are calling for up front then they should be run out of business in my opinion.

      1. Simon, I agree with you I think it may be a scam to get your personal information and I would recommend anyone who receives a call from 405-283-8500 to be very careful with the information you give to these people. I also feel the same way as you Simon when it comes to telemarketers I disagree with this practice and something needs to be done, because I am registered with on the do not call list and I still received a call from this number, but I did file a complaint immediately after receiving the call.

        Thanks for the post Simon

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