Alberto’s Mexican Food

First of all let me start this review on a positive note.  I used to live about half a mile from this place and it was a “go to spot” late nights after work and I didn’t feel like cooking.  So with that said I really liked the place.  But I guess in two years standards have obviously changed.  I ordered a breakfast burrito with sausage, bacon, and ham.  A little overpriced but no big deal If its worth it Right?  And then I remembered they had a good cheese quesadilla.  I ordered one of those too.  When I received my food the quesadilla was burnt, the lady looked at it and still served it to me.  I quietly sat down and took a bite of this enormous burrito, however it tasted and looked like it was cooked in grease and then the grease was poured into the burrito.  The Burrito was greasy, way too salty, and disgusting.  As far as the quesadilla goes I threw the burrito away walked up to the counter and asked the lady that was working if she would eat that quesadilla.  She took it and offered me another one (OBVIOUSLY IF YOU WOULDN’T EAT IT WHY WOULD YOU SERVE IT TO ME???) I got my money back for the quesadilla and needless to say, please work on the quality again.  I know its not a 4 star restaurant but your standards shouldn’t be that low.

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