Canon pixma MX700 will not print without replacing ink problem easy fix.

Canon MX700 quick print error fix.
Canon MX700 quick print error fix.

Easy quick fix for Canon MX700 replace ink cartridge error

How to fix: Hold the Stop/Reset button and then press the OK button.

That’s it, it should reset the error message and you should be able to print your documents without having to replace the ink that you did not need at that time.

I was recently trying to get my Canon MX700 to print a black text only document, but it would not print because I need to replace my magenta and cyan ink cartridges, so I want online and found a forum telling me to unplug the printer and hit the power button and then open the tray and a few other steps I tried this twice and nothing. So I messed around with my Canon mx700 and found this quick fix please let me know if it works for you as well.

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4 thoughts on “Canon pixma MX700 will not print without replacing ink problem easy fix.”

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  2. I had to hold both buttons down at the same time for about 5 minutes and then it worked perfectly. Thanks for the great tip! This thing was driving me nuts. All I wanted to do was fax a document but it wouldn’t let me do anything while it displayed the ink error. Now I can actually use the machine for faxing again. Thanks!!!

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