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My Review about Commission Junction

Commission Junction is a big scam I have had an account with these guys for a few years now and have never made a dime. I have had my account suspended a few times for no activity but this last time I had actually been promoting the links really hard and had a balance of almost $17 now I know this is not much, but it is something and I was happy I had made anything at all. Well I received another email saying that my account had been suspended again due to no activity, so I loged in and reactivated my account and Commission Junction reset my account back to a zero balance. I would not recommend this Commission Junction to anyone who wants to make money online with affiliate marketing. I have a LinkShare account and they have never suspended my account for no activity, althoug I have not had much luck making money with them either. The only company I would recommend if you want to make money is Google Adsense I have had an account with them for about a year and I am about to get my first $100 pay check at the end of this month, so I am please with Google and would highly recommend using Google over Commission Junction who will gladly take money away for non activity as stated ion their help section I copied and pasted below. So beware of Commission Junction and their shady practices.

Below I have copied this text from the Commission Junction web site help section explaining how they will penalize your account for non activity.

Why has my balance decreased?
Why has my balance decreased?
Your balance may decrease for any of the following reasons:
Transaction corrections/reversals.
A withdrawal was made to process your payment.
Dormancy Fee ($10) assessed

Advertisers have a monthly deadline of the 10th of each month to make any corrections or reversals to transactions that are found to be invalid (e.g. incorrect customer information, voided transaction, declined credit card, returned merchandise or anything else that meant the sale or lead needed to be corrected). Understand that they can make corrections at any point up until that time, but the week preceding the 10th is the most common to see the majority of corrections assessed.


If you have qualified for payment in a given month, you will see your account balance go down by the amount included in that payment on or around the 20th of the month. You can also see the amount debited (paid to you) in the Publisher Payments section of the main Reports interface in the CJ Account Manager.

A $10 fee is charged to accounts that do not earn a commission in 6 months. You are required to earn a commission every 6 consecutive months in order to remain active within our system. After six months without having made a sale, your account will be deactivated due to dormancy. If you have funds within your account, they will be deducted $10 per month on the 1st until the balance is $0, at which time the account will be deactivated.

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3 thoughts on “Commission Junction”

  1. Well I can totally relate. When I started making 100 per day with one service I promote there, they terminated my account with one thousand plus dollars in comission. I’m a newbie in online marketing so it’s was a bit hard for me to take

    1. WOW that is very impressive the fact that you where making that much money, I would have been very upset. I guess I should be happy that my balance was low, and I didn’t lose to much money. Although it still sucks when you invest your time in something and get nothing back, when you are expecting something. I am sorry to here about your situation that really sucks. I would recommend Google Adsense so far I have made some money with them (not a whole lot, but some is better than none) I also think they are fair as long as you do not abuse your account in any way. I hope it works out for you good luck, and thanks for sharing your story.

  2. I agree with Mike I feel like I have wasted a lot of time and efforts with Commission Junction / here is the cancellation request I sent to them.

    I have been trying to make some money with advertising links from your site for a few years now and recently had been trying very hard and I actually had a balance of $42 which is not much money, but then my account was deactivated due to non activity and when I reinstated my account the balance was at $0 I feel like all of the efforts I put in to trying to work with your program was not appreciated and was a big slap in the face. I would like to cancel my account with because for one I have not made any money and have wasted many hours of my life on this when I could have been doing something more productive like advertising Google ads. So thank for nothing and have a good day.

    I have had the same experience as you Mike and I agree with you. I would not recommend Commission Junction they are a scam and do not care about their affiliates.

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