Evite is a rip off! Especially during the Pandemic.

I purchased Evite Pro for $249 back in February 2020 and used the app once, but after discovering its templates were cheap looking in my opinion, and the templates did not match my company branding, along with not caring for the platform. I decided to cancel the service, but trying to cancel the service was not an easy task. After trying to figure it out for a while, I got sidetracked due to my busy schedule, so as time passed, I forgot to go back and cancel the account, so I kept reminding myself to contact the Evite customer service. Still, again with my busy schedule and then the curveball that was thrown at all of us from the coronavirus/pandemic, I kept forgetting to cancel the service, so here we are now in May 2020. I finally remembered to followup to cancel my EvitePro account, and since I have some time on my schedule for the first time in a really long time due to all the pandemic/craziness in the world. I finally emailed customer service about canceling my account and hoped to get a full or even a partial refund. I figured they would look at my account and see that I had only used it one time, and it would be reasonable to refund my all or some of my money. I even stated in my email that if I needed to pay for the one time used the service I had no problem with that. But, instead, Evite responded with the following.

“Hello Michael, Thank you for contacting us. Unfortunately, we cannot issue refunds for charges after 5 business days, or if the service was used. I apologize for any inconvenience. To cancel the subscription so there is no autorenewal, please follow this link: https://help.evite.com/s/article/how-to-cancel-premium-subscription-through-the-ios-app Please let me know if you have any additional questions. -Lauren/Evite Support”

I feel this is unfair, but hey, if this is how they want to run their business, then who am I to argue with this. I just feel it is my responsibility to share this with anyone who comes across this post in hopes of saving you the headaches and potential loss of money in case the templates and platform are not to your liking. So here is my advice to anyone thinking about using the EvitePro service. Be sure to use the free trial period, and be sure to cancel within five days if you do not like the service for any reason because even if you do not use it, they will not refund the money. I find it sad that they would rather take my $250 even after looking at my account and seeing I only used the service once, rather than trying to do the right thing and make the situation right. Also, be aware of the cancelation process and getting in touch with customer service as I found this not easy and time-consuming.

After reading all of this if you still feel the Evite service will work for you or you want to give it a try then click here and let me know how it goes. I hope your experience is better than mine.

I still have until February of 2021 to use this service, so let’s see if I can get my money’s worth. Oh yeah! I live in California and there is currently a pandemic and a stay at home order in place, so I guess I will see if I am able to ever use the Evite service or if it will be money down the drain. I wonder is Evite will be gracious enough to extend service to those who paid a full year as I did for a service that is deemed useless during a pandemic.

To save you time, here is a link to the Evite customer service page.

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