Javier’s Hair Salon in Riverside California

Business Name: Javier’s Hair Salon in Riverside California

Type of Business: Salon / Hair Stylist

Phone: 951-782-0669

Address: 3853 Jurupa ave Riverside, California 925006

Hair stylist

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2 thoughts on “Javier’s Hair Salon in Riverside California”

  1. I recently went to Javier’s Hair Salon in Riverside California and had my hair done by Anita. I am extremely picky with my hair and I was unsure about the cut or style that I wanted when I initially got there, but after talking with Anita we agreed on a cut and I was extremely satisfied the the ending results. I have been to countless hair stylist’s in Riverside and up to this point no one has been able to understand what I wanted when I would explain it to them, but Anita was able to achieve this on the first try, her professionalism and expertise really sets her apart from some of these other so called hair stylist.
    I would highly recommend Anita from Javier’s Hair Salon located at: 3853 Jurupa Ave in the city of Riverside, California.

    Make an appointment with Anita: 951-782-0669

    Anita if you happen to see this I just want to say thank you and you have gained a loyal client.

  2. I found this review in the morning and decided to try out Javier’s hair salon, and even figured what the heck lets give Anita a shot since Cheryl seemed to be so happy with the service she received, and I have to admit that Cheryl was right on from the second I walked in to the salon to the time I was done it was a very pleasant experience, so thank you Cheryl for the recommendation, and of course thanks to Anita at Javier’s Hair Salon you are truly talented as a hair stylist. I just want to say it was nice to here that Anita loves what she does, because it definitely shows. Thank again

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