Live it with Charter rewards Program (Scam)

Live it with Charter rewards Program What a JOKE!

Ok so I really like my internet speed from Charter, but they have this ridiculous program called Live it with Charter where you earn points to buy things at exclusive prices, so I decided to check it out. I decided to take a few minutes to see if it was even worth my time and within minutes I realized that it is a big waste of my time. I first went to the choose rewards section and clicked on the Charter store, and the items are so ridiculous I literally LOL’ed they have awesome items like 2 way splitters, and cables; WOW thats really cool. Then I checked out their their Bid for it section and there was nothing available to bid on. So the last thing I checked, and this is the real kicker. I check out the Live it Outlet (WHAT A JOKE) here is what it says on this page: “Turn your points into discounts! At the Live It Outlet ™ you can use your points for big savings off retail on select products throughout the year. These are exclusive discounts available only to Live It with Charter ™ members. New products are featured every month, so act fast and check back often to find items like electronics, jewelry, cookware and more. Every item includes free shipping!” WOW what a joke I was actually looking at getting a Radio Flyer My 1st Scooter for my daughter which would have cost me $67.04 + 268 Live It points, yeah you can redeem point and then pay a higher price for the item of your choosing, so I did a quick google search and found the same item at the Radio Flyer My 1st Scooter for only $33.79 which is half the price that Charter was offering it to their exclusive members, and guess what I didn’t even need to earn reward points to buy it from Target. I am seriously shaking my head right now at Charter, shame on you Charter for trying to take advantage of your customers, so for you customers out there who decide to use the Live it with Charter program for your so called exclusive deals I hope you actually save some money, but I strongly suggest that you do a quick search online to make sure you are not being taken advantage of by this AWESOME REWARDS PROGRAM.

The last thing I would like to say about the Live it with Charter Program is thanks for giving me a good laugh and something to write about. LMFAO

Here are some snap shots I took to show you the price of the Radio Flier price difference on the Live it with Charter web site and Target.

The First Image is the Exclusive deal from the Live it with Charter Program.

Live it with Charter Scam Rip Off
What a Great Deal. LOL

This is the price I found on Targets web site. 1/2 the price and its not even an exclusive deal. LOL

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  1. I have been seriously hacked,spam, and someone has my password for this sight. I need to change it. or please cancel all my contact information.
    Thank You

  2. I joined charter’s rewards program several years ago and have not received one email about the new Live It With Charter Rewards program. What happened to the many rewards points I previously had? Why wasn’t I informed about the new rewards program? Please send me a response to my questions!

  3. Frederick B .Harrison

    I have no idea how many points I have accumulated, nor am i informed about how these points may be redeemed for items other than for cables and wires and professed discounts at department stores.
    This program should be made user friendly, and genuine or totally discarded.

  4. Oh, they *USED* to be damned good with their offerings…..
    When I First got Charter after moving back into the area … checked out this “new” live it at charter thing… I saw stuff like $400-800 Washers & Dryers (the new (at the time) front loaders… the GE Duo’s and the like?) xxxxx(x) points! …NICE…. But, I waited a bit before signing up…
    When I finally *DID* sign up… GONE were the Travel tickets, GONE were the Appliances, the washer/dryer…
    WHAT were they offering?
    2-way, 3-way, 4-way splitters, 4-line, 8-line Signal Boosters, RCA/AV cables… *R. C. A. / A. V.* CABLES! Really?!?! $3-12 @ Radio Shack!

    HDMI cables… Well, ok, THAT one….I’ll kinda give ya… Those were still pretty expensive, PARTICULARLY for someone on Disability that doesn’t get a whole lot.

    I’d forget about LIWC for a while….then suddenly “Oh Yeah!…” go to look…. usually when RedeemIt Days had been over.

    Didn’t even realize the program had eneded until today/tonight.

    What could have made it better? BESIDES eliminating 99.999999% of the REAL items that were offered? Uuuummmm…. perhaps a points for discount? IE: 50,000 Points = $25 | $50 off your monthly bill?

    Point leveled Upgrades? 75,000/100,000 Points, gets you a Premium package FREE for a month <WITHOUT automatic rollover to permanence unless you want it.

    Oh and *blink blink* notification that the special deals are approaching? I may have gotten that once… But, since I GENERALLY pay my bill online, I don't even read the mailed statement…just see it in the mail and go online to pay it. An Email reminder would be better.

  5. your company should be ashamed of this so called rewards program i lose points every month be cause all you ojjer is funk and you donot let people save points have redemption days every day or let people khow when they can seiiect funk all for 200 dollar cable bill direct tv may hear jrom me chuv

  6. I’ve been a Charter customer for several years and had amassed over 37,000 “Live-It with Charter” points. I had tried to redeem some earlier, but only found the cables & wires they offer outside of their 3 day “Buying Window” held sometime during the month.

    I went to the web site and scanned the multi-page listing of the program rules.
    A) The points expire after 2 years if not used.
    B) Charter is suppossed to send the customer an e-mail 1 day befor the monthly “Buying Window”, but I have never gotten one in all my years as a customer.
    C) The rules have no mention of how many redemptions you may make per month, but the web site will only allow you to redeem for one item.

    I sent in a complaint via the web site and was told I would get a response in 48 hours. This seemed a bit long for a 24/7 operation like Charter, so I called customer service. This rep indicated that they don’t handle “Live-It’ issues and connected me to another phone line that was a recorded message that said “All “Live-It” issues are handled via e-mail.”

    This really irked me, so I called the Charter Corp. Office in Stanford,Conn. [ (203) 905-7801] and ask to speak to the VP of Customer Operations. The corp operator duly rerouted me to a member of their “Esculation Team” to address my concern. I spoke with this rep and she promised that the “Live-It” response team wold contact me. Well they did, about 2 hours later, I got a canned reply stating :

    Thank you for contacting Live It with Charter®

    We do value our customers’ opinions and we have made note of your feedback.
    We apologize that you’re disappointed with our free rewards program.

    If you have any additional questions that have not been addressed, please feel free to contact us via the “Contact Us” link on or by replying to this email.

    Thank you,

    Live It with Charter® Member Care Service Team

    PO Box 290, Milford, OH 45150

    You may notice that they didn’t bother to state any specific issue I raised and never offered to change or review any of their policies that I felt were unfair. No it was just a o”One Size Fits All” reply and they hope I will go away. I believe I will make them Happy and go away to AT & T Uverse!!!

  7. Each month any items, like gift cards, that one would REALLY want are all sold out/out of stock within the first 15 mins. of the promotional 3 days. I know this because I made it a point to log on and redeem my points within the first 15 mins. after’charter days’ began. EVERYTHING was sold out or out of stock after 15 minutes on the first day? Come on, really Charter? Customer Service told me to keep on checking back for the remaining days, which I did but I noted that NOTHING was ever re-stocked and the cheesy available items just dwindled down. Charter cable is expensive and it seems like they could do much, much better with a rewards redemption program. How about giving money off my bill each month or an automatic $50 gift card to Walmart, something that I can use instead of some lame brain sun visor for 250 points. Oh yes, and they try to con you into redeeming points to enter sweepstakes which I don’t believe anyone really wins at all (sort of like the hype with Publisher’s Clearing House) it’s all just hokum.

  8. Ok, I thought it was just me. I logged on for the first time ever to see what I accumulated and what great stuff I could get. I have over 77,000 pts. I was so excited. well…….there isn’t anything there besides cables and wires that tech guys bring for free when they come in to repair my equipment. No plentiful mall with practical gadgets and gift cards that would be truly beneficial. What a waste.

  9. Seems like Charter would be better off not offering any rewards program at all. I wasn’t expecting anything, but it was such a huge selling point of the service. They devote a huge section on the first page of the bill dedicated to the program. And they run TV spots all the time. If they never promised this program, I wouldn’t have been the wiser. But when they put so much focus on it, you’d kind of expect it to be a bit more… interesting.

    In my opinion, the existence of this program leads to me question the value of Charter Communications services overall. It’s not a door you want to open in the consumer’s mind.

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