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Management One Property Management in Riverside CaliforniaHorrible customer service! Employees are really rude. Even to a tenant that was never late during 18 months. Every time I needed a repair it took them a week or two to respond. That’s only because I had to call time and time again to get the repair taken care of. Then when we finally purchased our own house and moved out they were even more rude! To make things worse, they are trying to keep $400 from my security deposit because they said part of the house needed to be cleaned again. Good thing we took pictures in case something like this happened. Looks like I will be wasting time in small claims court. Do yourself a favor and rent from a different company!

Management One Property Management in Corona California
+1 (951) 735-2000

1451 Rimpau Ave # 200
Corona‎ CA‎ 92879-7546
United States

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  1. Consumer Mike

    After reading you complaint about Management One in Corona California I completely agree with you. We lived in our rental for 13 months and decided to buy a house we are very clean and took really good care of the property, but after we moved out they charged us a bunch of bogus charges including, a broken window blind that was in the same condition and already broken when we moved in, they also charged us for the removal of a broken outlet in the back yard that we requested to have removed when we first moved in and they said it wasn’t live wires and did not need to be removed, but after we moved out the removed it and charged us out of our deposit. They also charged us for cleaning almost $400 and we had the carpets professionally cleaned and had all the tile mopped, windows cleaned by a professional cleaning company that we paid $250 to, we have been fighting to get our deposit money back and so far they have reimbursed us $125 for the wood blind in the master bed room because I provided photos of them being broken when we first moved in. They also charged us for a broken tile and now they are going to reimburse us for that because they have no evidence of a broken tile in the kitchen. I am still fighting for bogus charges of almost $200 for a room they claimed to have repainted, but no rooms in the house needed to be repainted, so I went back to the property and asked the new tenants if I could see the rooms, and Management One didn’t even paint any of the rooms, so I am fighting this as well. They also charged me for light bulbs that I know were working when I moved out of the property. Management One is unethical and will charge you for everything and anything they can even if it is not true. The last rental company we rented from gave us almost all of our deposit back when we moved out and told us we were one of the cleanest tenants that had left the property in the best condition they had ever received a property back. We honestly thought the same thing was going to happen with Management One because we never had any issues during the time we rented other than them not fixing or replacing some of the items we requested that they ended up fixing out of our deposit after we moved. I think they use tenant deposit money to make improvements for the home owners which is great for the home owners but unethical and unfair to the tenants especially when we had never been late once during our tenancy and we took really good care of the property. I would like to know if this has happened to anyone else who has rented form Management One in Corona California.

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