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  1. I cant believe how unprofessional and lost these people / doctors are at this hospital I was admitted for four days and released with the same problem. I even told them what was wrong with me and even went as far as having to get video with my iphone to show them the issue because they could not figure it out and rather than listen to me they continued to run tests that I told them where not necessary. I was seen by a total of four doctors who told me they didn’t even know why they where called in to see me because they do not deal with the issue I was having. I finally got so upset that on the third night I started to ask the nurse to relay my messages to the doctors and the worst part was she was telling me that they had no idea what to do with me and if I wanted to discharge myself I could. Finally after one last iPhone video attempt one of the doctors said there was nothing they could do for me and he could give me a number to call so I could go see a specialist about my problem, so the next day I was released. I immediately called the specialist and made an appointment I went to see him and had an outpatient procedure done (it hurt like hell) but he was able to fix the problem in less than 1 hour vs four days of confused doctors at Riverside Community Hospital. I am a cash patient due to no insurance and the outpatient procedure only cost me $420 total including meds, and Riverside Community Hospital slaps me with a $40,000 bill when they did nothing for me except cause a lot of unnecessary stress and waisted time. I would not recommend going to this hospital unless you have no other choice instead try kaiser and get a referral out to another hospital if your a cash patient like I was. Keep in mind this is the short version to this story there is a lot more to this nightmare but I think this sums it up enough.

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