Remember The Consumer

Remember, The Consumer was created on July 8th, 2010, by a consumer tired of companies scamming, ripping off, and just flat-out lying to consumers and getting away with it. I refuse to keep quiet any longer, and I will no longer have the “what can I do about it” attitude. I decided to make RememberTheConsumer.com to share my experiences with companies I have done business with or purchased products from. Some of the posts will be bad, and some of my posts will be good, depending on my experience with each company or product. My message to any companies out there thinking they can do me wrong, beware because you might be the next topic on this site. Also, a message to the ethical companies who provide excellent products and services will get the proper recognition you deserve on RememberTheConsumer.com. I hope this website helps people from being taken advantage of by unethical companies who think they can get away with anything. If I can help just one person from being taken advantage of, then all of the work I have put into this website will be worth it.