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Management One Property Management in Corona California

Consumer Complaint About: Management One Property Management in Corona California

Management One Property Management in Riverside CaliforniaHorrible customer service! Employees are really rude. Even to a tenant that was never late during 18 months. Every time I needed a repair it took them a week or two to respond. That’s only because I had to call time and time again to get the repair taken care of. Then when we finally purchased our own house and moved out they were even more rude! To make things worse, they are trying to keep $400 from my security deposit because they said part of the house needed to be cleaned again. Good thing we took pictures in case something like this happened. Looks like I will be wasting time in small claims court. Do yourself a favor and rent from a different company!

Management One Property Management in Corona California
+1 (951) 735-2000

1451 Rimpau Ave # 200
Corona‎ CA‎ 92879-7546
United States

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Yelp | is Yelp as reliable as they say they are or are they a scam?

Why is Yelp hiding all of the Good Reviews and only showing the Bad Reviews?

Why does Yelp hide reviews?

This was submitted by a Consumer who would like to remain anonymous.

I have read many articles online about Yelp and how they filter out or hide good reviews for businesses that don’t advertise with them in fact I think I might be a victim. When I first started Yelping I was very impressed with the web sites functionality and the fact that I could voice my opinion about my experience at a restaurant or any other place that offers services or goods, and I was excited to get my business listed on Yelp. But then the phones calls started coming in asking if I would be interested in advertising with Yelp to increase my businesses exposure and to get more customers, but I politely declined the offer. But then for almost a month I was getting calls from Yelp almost daily from different reps who were very pushy and aggressive. I even asked the Yelp sales rep if they could note that I had received numerous phone calls and each time they would say that they would make a note, but sure enough the next day Yelp was calling me back offering their advertising program again. This lasted for about a month and then all of a sudden they stopped calling me I was so relieved that I was finally being left alone. Then a few months past and I noticed I had got a bad  review from a person who clearly created their Yelp account simply to bash my company. I felt that it was a competitor company trying to bash our good reputation, so I tried to resolve the issue with the person who was not even using a real name and would not respond to me. Then I received a good review from a happy customer and Yelp filtered it out of view under their filtered section, so I tried to contact Yelp and they said that they have a system set up to stop possible fake reviews by Yelpers who are not very active or basically have no credibility, but this made no sense because this person who wrote the good review had written about 10 other reviews and was displaying their real name and even a photo as opposed to the negative review with the fake name no photo and no other reviews other than the one that was written for my company. Needless to say that the filtering system is flawed. So after getting very irritated with this situation and clearly Yelp was not willing to help me to resolve this issue, because when I did call the girl that answered the phone was a sales rep and she was basically laughing at my situation and was very rude. I finally decide to just let it go, but then again another bad review shows up and it’s from a Yelper with a fake name no photo and no other reviews again. Why are the negative reviews allowed to show but the good review was being hidden and then it hit me maybe they are doing this because I declined to advertise so I started to research and I found that a lot of people out there had been experiencing the same issues I was and many people are calling Yelp extortionist, scammers and other nasty names. Now at this point I am completely at a loss and I am now getting calls from potential customers saying that they read the negative reviews on Yelp and they are afraid to use our services, so we started asking people to give us a try and if you they had a good outcome please share their experience on Yelp, and if their outcome was negative please feel free to share that as well. Well we end up getting a few good reviews and again they were all being filtered so within a few months we had accumulated 9 Good Reviews all hidden under the filtered section and still 2 negative reviews from obviously bogus Yelp profiles, so at this point I decide to clear everything I had written in the about us section on our Yelp Business page. I removed all of our photos and completely stripped our Yelp business profile as to lower the search engine rankings and to not attract as much attention like it did before, and within a month our hits dropped by half which was a good thing since Yelp would only display the negative lies written by our competitor companies. Now since our Yelp business page hits have dropped tremendously Yelp has decided to remove the 2 bad reviews and has allow a few good ones to show, so the moral of this story is if you are not happy with Yelp then do not use their service and try to avoid giving them any exposure online by writing good content on your business profile. If you are not happy with your Yelp business page try stripping all of the content and photos from your business page remove any links you may have created to promote your Yelp business page and help to lower their power as online extortionist’s. Remember that Yelp is built by the people who use it, so if we can spread the truth about Yelp then we can minimize the future damage. This company has potential to be great if they could give business owners a way to clean up their reputation especially when the reviews are fake or done by someone who is clearly being shady. Yelp also needs to add a call center for issues like this because the only people you can call at Yelp are the sales reps and any issues you have are handled through email that never get answered or at least in my case. Yelp needs to help the business owners so that they will want to advertise not allow people to  bash the businesses, because eventually they are gonna have a site filled with bad reviews and unhappy business owners and if Im not mistaken that’s how yelp makes their money.

I hope this all makes sense I wrote it fast and did not have time to do revisions sorry for any typos or grammatical errors.

If you feel that you have been a victim of Yelp or if you disagree and think that Yelp is Awesome then post your replies below.

Magic Jack Call Forwarding Link

I have a few Magic Jack Numbers and for all of them I use the Call forwarding feature a lot, well recently I noticed that when I log in to my magic jack account that the call forwarding link under the call features tab is missing, so I contacted customer service live chat and they provided this link that will direct you to the call forwarding page. I hope this helps

Free Annual Credit Report

Get Your Free Annual Credit Report

FREE Credit ReportDid you know that you can get your credit report from all three credit reporting agencies for FREE? Thats right if your thinking about getting your credit report you dont have to waste your hard earned money on websites that claim to be free, but actually charge a fee for your to obtain your credit report. is a company that claims you can get a free credit report, but that is not the case they charge monthly fees and additional charges for you to obtain and protect your credit. If your like me and you just want to check on your credit reports once a year or so just to make sure everything is on the up and up then Annual Credit Report is the site for you its FREE and easy to use they grant you access to all three credit reporting agencies and allow you to download your full credit report and save it to your computer as a PDF or print it out on your home printer.

Below is some information I pulled from the Annual Credit Report web site:

This central site allows you to request a free credit file disclosure, commonly called a credit report, once every 12 months from each of the nationwide consumer credit reporting companies: Equifax, Experian and TransUnion. is the official site to help consumers to obtain their free credit report.

We guard your privacy.

Please be aware of how you arrived at this site. To ensure that you are visiting the legitimate site, type directly into the address bar on your browser. You will never receive an email directly from the Annual Credit Report Request Service.

For further information please read the Security Policy.

Get Your Free Annual Credit Report

Magic Jack Closed My Account

Another BIG Disappointment from Magic Jack

Beware of Magic Jack and their shady practices and horrible customer service. Magic Jack has canceled my account for non use and I still had time left that I paid for how can they get away with this?

Magic Jack disappoints once again, well today I found out that a number I had purchased through Magic Jack was deactivated and I had no idea why because I had paid for the service and had about 6 months left, so I contacted Magic Jack through the online chat which is the only way to communicate with this company I have included the chat log below. I use this number for a business I own and never plug it in but rather have the number forwarded to my cell phone and I guess because I have not plugged in my magic for a while they decided to deactivate my number. I do not understand how they an get away with this because I paid for the service and whether or not I use it is completely up to me. My only option was to reactivate a new number and pay for an additional year, so I am writing this to inform other Magic Jack users out there that if you do not use your Magic Jack for a undetermined amount of time that you can lose your number so beware of this companies shady tactics to steal your money. Keep in mind the number I lost was being used, but it was a forwarded number to my cell phone, so now it is gone forever because Magic Jack decided I was not using it or did not need it anymore, which was not the case.

And to think I was going to buy stock in this company, if they keep up these shady practices they will not be around much longer.


Please wait for a site operator to respond.

You are now chatting with ‘Jacqueline’

Your Issue ID for this chat is LTK###########

Jacqueline: Hello, how may I help you?

ME: I just realized that my magic jack line is no longer working and I can not get in to my account to pay for additional years

Jacqueline: Do you have your magicJack with you right now

ME: yes

Jacqueline: Please plug the magicJack in to your computer. Login, and follow the steps to reactivate your service.

ME: it says my email was not found

Jacqueline: One moment please…

ME: wait i just got it

ME: do i choose the renewal option

ME: it is asking me to pick a new number how do i renew the number I had?

Jacqueline: Yes, pelase.

Jacqueline: You may need to pick a new number since your old phone number has already been deactivated.

ME: I need the old number I do not want a new number

ME: how can I reactivate the old number?

Jacqueline: One moment please…

ME: thank you

Jacqueline: Thank you for waiting.

ME: no problem

Jacqueline: Do you see any options on the dial pad. To keep your existing phone number?

ME: no

Jacqueline: Please try to check.

ME: I have been looking and see no option to renew my number 714-512-####

Jacqueline: I see. Then you may need to choose another phone number. Since your old phone number is no longer available.

ME: I never even received a renewal request?

Jacqueline: It is because your magicjack has been unplugged for sometime and has been deactivated.

Jacqueline: Is there anything else I may help you with today?

Jacqueline: I have not heard from you in a while. Do you wish to continue this chat session?

Jacqueline: Since I have not heard from you for some time, I am going to close this chat.  If you need any help in the future, please do not hesitate to chat with us again. Good bye

Jacqueline: Thank you for stopping by to chat, I hope I did a good job at addressing your concerns. Please take a second to answer a one question survey about the service I provided. Please click here and answer the one question. Thanks again!

Since we haven’t heard from you, we must release this chat. Please click here should you need further assistance:

You are not currently in a chat session.

End of Chat Session

Website Listing Service Fraud Alert: Web Listings Inc. Scam

Consumers beware of a scam from a company called Web Listings Inc. they are trying to trick you in to thinking that you need to pay / register your domain name with them. I received an envelope in the mail that seemed to be an invoice for one of my domains names. When I opened it up I found a bill for $65.00 from a company called Web Listings Inc., offering domain name submission to 20 established search engines, up to eight keyword/phrase listings, and a quarterly search engine position and ranking reports for 1 year.

As you can see in the images below, the intent here is to fool the consumer into thinking that it is, in fact, an invoice that needs to be paid. Web Listings Inc. is sadly preying on unsuspecting domain owners in hopes they can get you to pay $65.00 of your hard earned money when you can register a domain name for only $9.99 from who I have all of my domain names and web hosting services through.

Web Listings Inc. states that they will submit your domain to 20 top search engines. Sorry to break it to you guys, there are only 3 top search engines! If you received one of these fake invoices, our advice is to just throw it in the trash, or if you have a fireplace, burn it! Web Listings Inc. uses dishonest tactics to try and catch unsuspecting people off guard. Their phony invoices are actually sign-up forms for a service that has absolutely no valid purpose for existing.

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Stop Telemarketers

Stop Telemarkers

Stop Telemarkers

Telemarketing and Spam Text messages suck, Here is a simple way to protect yourself from these annoying practices.

I really hate annoying phone calls from telemarketers when I am at home trying to relax or even worse when I am out and it is an inconvenient time. I especially hate those annoying text messages from companies who are trying to promote their products or services to you, because often times I think its a text from my family or a friend. I have a message for all of you annoying telemarketers and spam texters, STOP it is annoying, and if I am interested in your products or services I will call you, so if you want to market to me then just send me a brochure or flier in the mail, at least this way I can read it at my convenience and decide if I like what you are offering. So how can you protect yourself from these annoying people or companies? The first thing I would suggest is to register your phone number with the National Do Not Call Registry, now this is not going to guarantee that you will not receive any more calls eve again from a telemarketer, but it will get you off the telemarketing list after 31 days, and if you do receive a call after that then you can report the telemarketer by filing a complaint to the National Do Not Cal Registry, so there you have it its that simple I rarely get telemarketing calls, but when I do I make a note of the number and the day and time of the call and I file a complaint right away. Please let me know if this article has helped you and also feel free to list any annoying telemarketers you would like to share with us below.

Share your annoying telemarketing story here.

Share your annoying spam text message story here.

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California Consumer Return Policy


Consumers have come to expect stores or catalog companies to offer a refund, credit or exchange when they return items. Sellers are not required by law to accept returned items unless they are defective. However, California law requires that retailers who have a policy of not providing a cash refund, credit or exchange when an item is returned with proof of purchase within 7 days of purchase must inform consumers about their refund policies by conspicuously placing a written notice about their policies, in language that consumers can understand, so that it can be easily seen and read. Some companies may limit exchanges or returns for credit or refunds on all, or some products. Some may not allow exchanges or returns for credit or refunds at all. But whatever the limitation, it must be conspicuously disclosed. Before making a purchase, carefully check the store’s policy.

The policy must be displayed either at each entrance to the store, at each cash register and sales counter, on tags attached to each item, or on the company’s order forms, if any. A return policy printed only on a receipt, for example, is not sufficient.

If a store violates this law (California Civil Code section 1723), the purchaser can return an item for a full refund within 30 days of purchase.

There are exceptions, however to the general rule requiring notice. Notices are not required for sale of perishable goods like food or plants; for items marked, “All sales final,” or something similar; for items which are used or damaged; for items customized for the consumer and received as ordered; for items which cannot be resold for health reasons; or for items not returned in their original packaging.

Some stores keep records of consumers who frequently return merchandise and sometimes report that to a central reporting company and may not offer returns or refunds to such customers. The return policy notice must refer to such practice.

Consumers who believe a retailer has violated the law can notify the consumer protection division of their local district attorney’s office or by filing a complaint with the Attorney General’s Office.

You get can get this information and more here:

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Wild West Domains Godaddy Super Resellers

Attention all / Wild West Domains super resellers I have found a mistake in the code for the super reseller site that could be costing you potential customers from purchasing from your reseller site. I have found that when a customer browses through your super reseller web site they can easily navigate off your web site and stumble on to Domains Priced Right ( ) this could be a big mistake that can cost you money that you have worked hard for. I have been a super reseller with / Wild West Domains for about 4 years now and I make a decent amount of money doing this but recently I discovered this mistake and contacted Wild West Domains about it and they sent me this email.

Dated Nov 30,2010


Our support staff has responded to your request, details of which are described below:

Discussion Notes
Support Staff Response
Dear Sir or Madam,

Our Advanced Technical Support team has reviewed this issue with your Super Reseller account. Links to offerings on a super reseller site will always link over to a Domains Priced Right page, as this is the test reseller page which hosts all products. Super reseller sites do not host these pages themselves, but instead link over to them through a querystring (app_hdr=1387) which will display the correct prices as your storefront, and will function as if your customers are purchasing from a site that you host. This is by design, and customers to your reseller site will still be able to purchase items from you with this string intact without you actually hosting the reseller site itself. I apologize for any confusion. If you need any further assistance, please let us know.

Erica L
Advanced Technical Support


I am not satisfied with this, because I have put in countless hours of building, maintaining and marketing my reseller website I feel that this is a huge issue and should be corrected as soon as possible. I do not want my hard earned traffic / potential customers to be directed to a web site that I will not be making any commissions for my hard work. I feel that if enough super resellers can contact Wild West Domains about this issue maybe we can get this fixed and have the links either removed or forwarded to our reseller web site as a sample web site for potential reseller partners.

Here is a video that will show you exactly what I am talking about.

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Who is 405-283-8500 4052838500

Did you receive a call from 405-283-8500?

If you have received a call from this number please leave a comment below and share your experience about this caller / number.

Read the posts below to find out details about this number. Also report unwanted calls to help identify who is using this phone number.

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