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Logitech MX Revolution Mouse Problem

Hardware Problem with the Logitech MX Revolution Mouse

Logitech MX RevolutionI have the Logitech MX Revolution Mouse, and lately it has been acting weird like when I try to left click on something it does not respond or when I try to highlight text it will not highlight the text I am trying to highlight but rather it seems to highlight what ever it feels like highlighting. I have had this Logitech mouse for almost 2 years now and I am using it with an Apple Mac Pro computer. Does anyone else have similar issues with this mouse?

Update Logitech MX Revolution has a 3 year Warranty

Logitech Warranty for the MX Revolution is 3 years, so if you purchased your mouse within the last 3 years you should be able to do a warranty exchange if your mouse is defective due to a hardware problem. Read my warranty exchange story for my Logitech MX Revolution, and how awesome the warranty exchange was for me. I am getting the new Performance MX Mouse as a replacement.

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