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Devry University | WAY TOO EXPENSIVE

I would not recommend Devry University to anyone unless you are military and they are willing to pay for it or if you have a job who is willing to pay for your education. I am 30 years old and decided to go to Devry University for a degree in WGD web graphic design this is an associates program and the cost is a whopping $29,000 to $35,000 dollars yes this is not a typo the cost is about the same as the purchase of a brand new car. I was misinformed of the cost when I first signed up. I was told that the cost per credit was $580, but if I went to school full time which is 12 credits / units or above that I would get a discounted rate of $350 per credit, well it turns out that this was not the whole truth. The way the counselor should have explained the cost per credit is as followed ( credits 1 through 11 are at the rate of $580 and credits 12 and above are at the rate of $350 per unit or credit ) had the counselor explained it to me this way I would have never fell into the trap. Another thing is Devry does not send you statement nor do they make it easy for you to access your student account to keep track of how much debt you have accumulated. I was about 1 year in at Devry when I started to check in to things and realized that I was in debt $26,000 and still had another $12,0000 to go before I would get my associates degree. I then started to investigate what my ROI return on investment was going to be once I did get my degree in web design and boy was I surprised to find out that the average web designers pay in Riverside California started out at $13.50 per hour and a good pay rate was $18.00 per hour. I have been making better money doing freelance work at the rate of $50 to $100 per hour. I would not recommend this school to my friends or family, although I would recommend Devry University to my enemies. This school is a huge rip off especially the Colton California Campus where I attended. No one at the Colton California Devry Campus knows what the heck they are doing and if you have a question about something you will get a different answer to your question depending on who you talk to. Long story short I am going to tell you what I wish someone would have told me, if you plan to go to college to get an associates degree go to a community college it will save you a ton of money then you can transfer those credits in towards your bachelors degree wether you choose devry or some other school this will save you a ton of money I would not recommend waisting your money or your parents hard earned money on a half rate education at devry for an associates degree. Let my mistake help you from a lot of regret like I have had to deal with after attending this very expensive school know as DEVRY UNIVERSITY


Colton (Inland-Empire) Center

1090 E. Washington St. Suite H
Colton , CA 92324

Contact: 909-514-1808

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