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Apple TV review what you need to know before you buy the Apple TV

Apple TV Review

I finally received the Apple TV on October 12th 2010, and I was very impressed with the look and feel of the Apple TV this is truly a beautiful device, but unfortunately I did not do enough research on this product before I made the purchase, so it turns out that my TV is not compatible with the Apple TV, because my TV is 480i and the Apple TV requires that you own a 720p TV although I did not keep the Apple TV  I would still like to give the Apple TV a good rating based on what I did see, and the fact that when I called to make the return request they where very nice and helpful with making the return an easy process.

Installation Process

I did hook the Apple TV up to my 480i 55 inch TV, and it did display the picture, but the quality was not very good and I could not get any sound, but keep in mind this was my fault for not doing the proper research to make sure the Apple TV was compatible with my TV. Although the picture quality was not good due to incompatibility the installation process was simple and the menu and features are very nice. I wish I could have kept the Apple TV, but unfortunately I am not willing to go and buy a new TV just to keep the device, although I was tempted. I can tell you this much, when I do finally get a TV that is compatible with the Apple TV I am going to buy it again.

What you need to know about the Apple TV before you buy it.

Apple TV Requires that you have the following for the Apple TV to work properly.

What’s included with the Apple TV?

In the box

  • Apple TV
  • Apple Remote
  • Printed documentation
  • Power cord
  • Important HDMI cable not included

For more information on the apple TV please visit the Apple web site.

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