Toyota of Riverside Scam with the old Bait and Switch tactics.

Toyota of Riverside Scam
Toyota of Riverside Scam

Have you experienced this as well from a car dealer ship?

I received a call from Toyota of Riverside on Indiana Ave from a girl named Shelly, and she stated that they had been trying to find a customer a Toyota Corrola and the car that we are currently leasing just happened to be exactly what this customer had been looking for, so she asked if I would be interested in turning in my lease early, and since they needed this car for a customer who really wants it, that they would be willing to trade keys with me for a Rav 4 or Maybe a Camry. I thought this sounded suspicious, but being that I am always looking for good content on this web site I took the bait. I drove down to the dealership and walk in to be greeted as usual by hungry car sales men just waiting to make a dollar off of me. I asked for Shelly and they paged her to he sales floor, then a sales man named Brandon just started casual conversation, and I have to admit he was a nice guy, so after waiting a while he goes to check on the status of Shelly, and of course he comes back and says she is a little busy right now so if you want I can help you out with your trade in, because he is familiar with this new trade in experiment that the dealership has just started practicing with finding a matching car for a VIP customer and trading up an existing customer, like in my case with a one year lease left. We go out to the lot and start looking at cars, and I ask Brandon if we can work some numbers first, so I don’t waste my time looking at cars if I cant even get the deal to go through, so he agrees and we go back to his office and start running credit and all the good stuff that comes with purchasing or trading in a car. It has now been about 30 to 45 minutes and I am on the phone with my wife explaining to her how I know this is a bait and switch operation and then Brandon walks in and I mention that I still have yet to meet Shelly the  person who called me in for this once in a life time deal, so Brandon pages her and she comes and introduces herself which didn’t help with my confidence in this situation, but  at least she is real and she does work there. So it has now been about one and a half hours of wasted time for me and the finance manager comes in and asks me what I am looking to do, so explain that I received a call from them and was told that Toyota wanted to buy my car back, because another customer was interested in it and I was told I could upgrade with no money down to a better car like the Rav 4 or Toyota Camry for accommodating their needs. Then the finance guy tells me that if I wanted to upgrade to a better car that it was going to add to my payment, and it is impossible to get in to another car for the same payment, which is not what i was told over the phone, so he presents me with what I would call the worse once in a life time deals. He says I can get you in to a Camry for about 349 a month, now why would I do that when I am currently paying $270.00 a month, and I have no problem with my current car. I declined his offer and made him aware that if they could not do what they said on the phone, which was to upgrade me in to a better car with no money down and the same payment then I was not interested. Anyways to make a longer story short just remember that if it sounds to good to be true then it probably is.

If you have had a similar experience with this dealership or another one please share it in the comments below.

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