YouTube 2010 Survey is it real, or just another spam tactic.

What is this YouTube 2010 survey? Is it real or fake?

Stay away from this web site: it is a scam and I am pretty sure it is not really a youtube web site. This site seems like a phishing scam to collect your private information.

Ok, so I have encounter this YouTube 2010 survey twice now and it is very tempting, because the prizes that are offered are really good. Here are some of the prizes being offered $1000 WalMart Gift Card, Apple iPhone 4 and $500 Best Buy Gift Card, but I have a feeling that if I enter all of my information I am either going to get a ton of spam email or a ton of junk mail sent to my home. The survey also asks for your phone number, so I am also weary that I will get a ton of telemarketing calls if I enter my phone number or even worse a ton of spam text messages. I was wondering if anyone out there has completed this survey? And if so, did you get your prize or did you just get a tone of annoying telemarketing calls, text messages and or junk mail. Please share your experience, so that we can determine if this is a phishing scam or a real survey thank you.

I have placed some screen shots below.

Here is the link to the survey in question:

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9 thoughts on “YouTube 2010 Survey is it real, or just another spam tactic.”

  1. And apparently it’s still going on in 2013. The window popped up by itself when I was in IE, but listening to YouTube in Chrome. Hate these things. You don’t get something for nothing, people! Don’t believe it!

  2. It is clearly fake. If you type in:, or any other simple misspelling, it will lead you to a completely different website. There, you will be asked to choose prizes such as Macs, iPads, and iPhone 4S’s. I tried the iPhone deal, and no matter what combination of ages (including the age <18), iPhones (as in how many iPhones do you own), or facebook visits a week I put into the survey, i was eligible to get a free iPhone 4S. I went back a few pages to the ThankYou page, and clicked on the "About us", at the bottom. Here is what it said:

    We do not sell or offer for sale any goods or services of any kind. Any such offers or sales of goods and services are conducted solely by third parties which we contract with to provide marketing services to. Once you submit Personal Information to us, you may be redirected to a third party marketing or advertising website, and at that point you will be communicating and/or transacting solely with this third party. Sometimes we frame third party advertisers and marketer’s third-party website, and sometimes we host their content as well. In any event however, our only role is to collect the Personal Information and facilitate its transmittal to the third party advertisers and/or marketers, and for this service, we receive remuneration which is usually in the form of a commission or referral fee usually contingent upon you entering into a transaction with the third party for goods or services. We do not ship any merchandise or provide any services to consumers.

    They do not "sell or offer any goods……." That is enough proof against it.

  3. I know how it came up. if u misstyle into that will come up. Obviously its a scam. Remember ” too good to be true” 🙂

  4. I didn’t know if it was real or not, coz it looked real, like literally REAL!
    but i’m usually not good at finding out if things are real or not, so I decided to search it up on google to figure out is it a real thank you survey or not. So thank you for letting me know its fake, I probably would have got a virus or hundreds of emails from this website 🙂

  5. Dude this comes up whenever you misstype and it gets REALLY annoying because i know this would come on but hey! any of those ones with “tempting prizes” are fake and a scam to try to get ur $$$$ so be careful!

  6. uhm.. yeah i got that too.. like i even got like this 1000 dollar best buy. and it seemed so legit.. because it even had the best buy sign over it and it looked very very real. but when it asked for my numbers and adrs i was like.. uh.. and i really really wanted to try it.. it wouldve been a huge risk tho.. and wouldve been exceptionally stupid.. so idk.. i just got it today too.. and i wanted to buy a laptop.. so the deal was even more tempting. ahh.. whatever.

  7. I think this is fake I came a crossed this when I tried to go to youtube and just retyped in and didnt get it again. I think this is a scam.

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