Register your phone number and report telemarketers

Telemarketing and Spam Text messages sucks, Here is a simple way to protect yourself from these annoying practices.

I really hate annoying phone calls from telemarketers when I am at home trying to relax or even worse when I am out and it is an inconvenient time. I especially hate those annoying text messages from companies who are trying to promote their products or services to you, because often times I think its a text from my family or a friend. I have a message for all of you annoying telemarketers and spam texters, STOP it is annoying, and if I am interested in your products or services I will call you, so if you want to market to me then just send me a brochure or flier in the mail, at least this way I can read it at my convenience and decide if I like what you are offering. So how can you protect yourself from these annoying people or companies? The first thing I would suggest is to register your phone number with the National Do Not Call Registry, now this is not going to guarantee that you will not receive any more calls eve again from a telemarketer, but it will get you off the telemarketing list after 31 days, and if you do receive a call after that then you can report the telemarketer by filing a complaint to the National Do Not Cal Registry, so there you have it its that simple I rarely get telemarketing calls, but when I do I make a note of the number and the day and time of the call and I file a complaint right away. Please let me know if this article has helped you and also feel free to list any annoying telemarketers you would like to share with us below.

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