BestBuy Rewards Program

I have been trying to gain access to my BestBuy reward points for 3 months now and I still can not get in to my account. I have called the Best Buy reward customer service 5 times and every time they have sent it to the advanced team to help me to get this resolved and still nothing has been done. I have two rewards certificates totaling in the amount of $25 and I have no way of using them. I was also told by the reward zone customer service that I could just take the certificate numbers with the experation date and a 30 digit code to the store and I should be able to use them in the storem, but I have tried this twice and the employees never know how to input the information so I can use the certificates. I even called the rewards zone customer service when I was in the store and then the rep contradicted what the last rep said and told me that I cant use them in the store. I called again today 05/16/2011 and again they could not help me and I was told again that I could use them in the store, but I bet if I go to the BestBuy store they will tell me again I cant use them, and I bet if I call from the store again they will tell me the same thing. I am begining to think they are telling me I can use the certificates in store so that I will go and buy the item in store and then when I am tol I cant use the certificate then I will just buy it any ways this way they make more money. I am sure this is not the case but I can say one thing for sure this is really annoying and I have literally wasted 5 to 10 hours of my life trying to get these certificated, so in the end I am losing money from all the time I have invested.

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