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This is my personal review about Remote Control Warehouse I would love to here you personal reviews in the comment section below.

I would not recommend Remote Control Warehouse

Web Site Address:

I did not receive the Remote Control I ordered.

This is the remote control I ordered
This is the remote control I ordered
The remote control I recieved
This is the remote control I received

I ordered a replacement remote control for my Mitsubishi TV here is the item number and link  MITSUBISHI 290P116010 Remote Control the price seemed like it was to good to be true, and as usual I think this was the case. I received a remote control today and it was not what I ordered. I ordered an original Mitsubishi replacement remote, but instead I received a no name brand remote control that does not work very well. I was willing to keep the replacement remote if it worked fine, but the buttons are non responsive unless pressed really hard and the quality of the remote was very cheap, almost looked like a child’s toy.

I sent them an email requesting a refund here is a copy.

———- Start Email ———-

I have received the remote control, and I am not satisfied with it, because it does not work as good as I expected, and it is not what I ordered. I would like to return it for a full refund. Also I do not feel like the return shipping charges should be my responsibility, since this is not the remote control that I ordered. Furthermore I own a website called where I write articles about my experience with product and or services, and I was really hoping to write a good article so please don’t make this difficult.

Thank you

Also if you do not have the item in stock, then you should notify the customer and give them options rather than just sending a cheap replacement remote, and hoping for the best.

———- End Email ———-

The Ending Result

I called customer service the next day, and spoke a a guy who seemed like he was working out of his home, because he answered the phone “HELLO” and I had to ask him if this was; he replied “yeah”, so anyways I told him that they sent me a remote control that I did not order and I wanted to return it, also I did not feel like I should have to pay for the shipping fee to return it since it is not what I ordered, so then he says “just slap like two dollars worth of stamps on it and we will credit it back to you when we receive the remote back”. I asked him if he could send me an email as proof stating that they will return my full purchase amount plus the shipping cost, and he said “I don’t see why you would need that”, so I told him it would just make me feel better, so he said he would, and he never did. So I sent the remote back and a few days later I did get a refund for the purchase amount, but they did not credit me the return shipping cost as promised, so I am out of pocket by $2.83 and about an hour of wasted time for dealing with this company, so I do not recommend also just to mention I never received a response from them in regard to my email I sent them.

January 31st 2011 Update

Today I received a call from customer service and they just wanted to follow up with me to see why I returned the Remote control, and also to advised me that they would return the shipping charges I had to pay to return the remote control. I checked my account today and they have credited my account for the purchase price, but not the shipping fees yet, so I will update this post if I get the shipping charges reimbursed.

Here is a copy of the return policy.

100%, no questions asked, no hassle, 30-day return policy. We want you to be completely happy with your new remote. Call us at 1-800-221-1471 M-F 9-5 Eastern time with any questions regarding the use of your remote.

My Message to

If you do not have the remote control in stock that a customer has ordered from your website, then you should notify the customer and give them options rather than just sending a cheap replacement remote, and hoping for the best.

If you have ordered from Remote Control Warehouse I would love to here your feedback.

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