Carbonite back up service customer review

Carbonite Back up service is slow and I do not recommend it to someone with a lot of files to back up.

carbonite review
Carbonite Review

I received this email today from Carbonite Back up service asking if I would like to renew my subscription, but here is my dilemma I have had Carbonite for almost a full year now and I still don’t have all of my files backed up; in fact I only have maybe half of my files backed up, so the question is should I pay another year for this service and hope that someday all of my files will be backed up or do I save the money from this subscription service and just keep backing up my files on a local hard drive using my Macs Time Machine Feature which is completely up to date and I have had no problems recovering files from my local back up drive in the past. I think I am going to cancel my Carbonite subscription and continue backing up with my local drive using the Apples Time Machine feature, and if that back up drive ends up breaking then I can use the money¬† saved on the Carbonite service to buy a new external hard drive.

Watch my Video review about the Carbonite Back up service here.

Carbonite navere finished my Backup
Carbonite never finished my Backup


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2 thoughts on “Carbonite back up service customer review”

  1. I have also had carbonite for many years and they had me on auto renewal. I had not been using the service and I changed to a mac. When I tried to cancel my service via chat I was disconnected and when I called in a few months later they told me that they had no record of my chat session and that I just missed the refund deadline by a few days. I am sure that they are doing the best they can at customer service but that is all they have to offer. It is cheaper to just go buy and external hard drive and then you can deal with yourself and not get the run around or wait on hold every time you have an issue.

    1. Ernie I completely agree with you I found the Carbonite service to be more of a hassle than anything and i now use my Macs Time Machine with an external hard drive to back up all of my file. Too bad you had to go through all of that just to figure out that the service isa a waste of money.

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