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Carbonite back up service customer review

Carbonite Back up service is slow and I do not recommend it to someone with a lot of files to back up.

carbonite review
Carbonite Review

I received this email today from Carbonite Back up service asking if I would like to renew my subscription, but here is my dilemma I have had Carbonite for almost a full year now and I still don’t have all of my files backed up; in fact I only have maybe half of my files backed up, so the question is should I pay another year for this service and hope that someday all of my files will be backed up or do I save the money from this subscription service and just keep backing up my files on a local hard drive using my Macs Time Machine Feature which is completely up to date and I have had no problems recovering files from my local back up drive in the past. I think I am going to cancel my Carbonite subscription and continue backing up with my local drive using the Apples Time Machine feature, and if that back up drive ends up breaking then I can use the money  saved on the Carbonite service to buy a new external hard drive.

Watch my Video review about the Carbonite Back up service here.

Carbonite navere finished my Backup
Carbonite never finished my Backup


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