How to Fix Broken Vertical Blinds

How to Fix Broken Vertical Blinds

I hate when my Vertical Blinds brake, but with this easy fix I have been doing for years the fix is not only easy it is extremely cheap. The only thing you will need to fix your broken vertical blind is some scotch tape and a paper click. I have also found that this fix is actually stronger than the original vertical blind design, so the chances of it breaking again are less with this quick fix.

Cheap and Easy way to fix a Broken Vertical Blind

I hate Broken Vertical Blind, but here is a simple and cost effective way to fix this problem.

Scotch Tape Paper clip and Broken Vertical Blind

All you will need to fix your vertical blind is Scotch Tape and a Paper clip, Yep thats all.

Tape the Paper Clip to Broken Vertical Blind

Step 1. Just tape the Paper Clip to the Vertical Blind like the image above.

Clip the Vertical Blind back on its track

Step 2. Clip the Vertical Blind back in to the track.

The Finished Product Your Vertical Blind is now as Good as new

Step 3: Stand back and enjoy your accomplishment of fixing your Vertical Blind in a few seconds.

If you found this to be helpful please post a response below I have many other quick tips and fix it ideas I have developed over the years, but I didn’t realize how good some of them where until my friends started telling me they never would have thought of that, so if I get enough feed back I will start adding quick fix tips on this web site.

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