Sylvania Netbook

sylvania netbook
Sylvaniae Netbook

$99 Sylvania 7 inch net book.

I purchased this Net book and tried to get it to do some basic things like browse the web play some music and watch some movies and I found this net book to be extremely slow. I also tried to use skype which was already installed and I could not get skype to run it would just act like it was logging in and nothing would happen. I am going to be honest I messed around with the Sylvania 7 inch net book for about 2-3 hours and I felt frustrated with its slow performance / non performance the whole time. I ended up returned it and getting my money back. I would not recommend this computer from my experience with it, but if you have purchased this net book and feel different then please feel free to post your response below or if you purchased this net book and had the same problems similar to mine please feel free to share below.

The operating system is very weak, Windows CE. This version of operating system serves as the basis for mobile devices such as a mobile phone from Microsoft, but it in itself is unfriendly to the end user, not to mention the scarcity of programs presented.

Some of the features

  • Side: 2 USB 2.0 Ports
  • Back 3rd USB port, Ethernet input and ac plug input
  • SD card slot head phones and micro phone
  • 7 inch screen 800×480
  • takes about 20-30 seconds to boot
  • 2 GB solid state memory
  • Windows embedded CE 6.0
  • 128 MB ram
  • processor  via 8505

Overall I would not recommend buying this net book based on my experience with it.

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