Charter TV customer service call goes beyond my expectations.

Charter Communication cable TV customer service Rep Joe goes beyond my expectations.

Today is Saturday September 25th 2010, I called Charter Communications about my cable tv service, because at about 8:30 pm all of my channels started freezing and became very choppy, and the same thing happened to me last night around the same time, so I called Charter and after the extremely annoying automated system finally transferred me to a live person which was Joe I thought this would be a normal customer service call where they tell me that there is an outage in my area which was the case, but usually they tell me sorry about that and have a nice day, but Joe was different he seemed like he valued me as a customer. I asked him if there would be a way to get a credit for the days of outage and he was more than happy to help me with the credit. But Joe did not stop there with out me having to ask he actually asked me if I would like for him to check if I was on the best plan that I could be on, and I said sure why not I just figured he would tell me they could add this additional service or put me on a bundle plan and the new price would be this much more than you are already paying. Joe actually asked me a few questions about my usage and services I like to use and then Joe said ok your  on good promo for 6 months for $79.98 a month, but I can do one better for you at $5 less a month and this will make your bill $74.98 a month for the next year. I was really surprised by this and just wanted to let the people at Charter know that Joe deserves recognition for this. I have been looking around for a new service lately, due to not being satisfied with the services I have been recieving lately, but I can tell you this much if your customer service reps can all be a little more like Joe I can promise you a lot of customers wouldnt be looking to switch to a different service provider I can honestly say Joe did such a good Job I am not planning on going any where else at least for now, but if your customer service reps continue to provide outstanding service like Joe did I can gaurantee you I will not be going any where else any time soon.

Thank you Joe for the outstanding help.

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