TISP Google Free Internet Service 2007 Joke

Google TISP free Internet service joke still fooling people today in 2010

Google free internet TISP joke
Images from google TISP site

I received a call today from someone I am very close to, asking me if I had ever heard of Googles Free Internet Service, also known as Google TISP, I had never heard of this before, so asked my friend to explain how it works, she said Google will send you an installation kit which includes a device that you flush down your toilette, so I stopped her at about this point, and said it doesn’t seem to be real it just sounded to unrealistic, so I told her to let me do some research, and I would call her back. I did a quick google search with the term free Internet service from google tisp and sure enough I found the page my friend was telling me about, so I started reading the information on this page and Google did such a good job that I almost started to believe it, so I did another quick serarch on google with the term TISP goole joke, and that’s when I found that Google had set this up back in 2007 as an April fools joke. I just wanted to share this with everyone, because if you come across this google page and think its real, maybe you will find this page to stop you from calling your friends and family about this awesome new discovery you have made.

Here is some snippets I took from the Google TISP website

Goole free internet tisp diagram
image from google tisp site

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