City of Riverside rolls out Free Wifi for residents

City of Riverside offers free wifi internet to residents I Love the City of Riverside’s Free WiFi

That’s right the city of Riverside has rolled out FREE wifi for all of its residents. This WiFi service is awesome, and has been such a blessing for me when I am out, and need to connect to the internet. I just want to personally say thank you to the city of Riverside, and to the genius that came up with this great idea to offer this service for free to all Riverside residents like myself. This free Wifi service for Riverside Residents is called Smart Riverside, and I think this name is more than appropriate.

The information below is from the city of Riverside’s website you can learn more by going to

Press Release

Wi-Fi users! Start your search engines! RIVERSIDE, Calif. – Riverside Wi-Fi users can make a minor adjustment to keep using Riverside’s
free network.
The city is now managing and operating the municipal Wi-Fi network with a new Wi-Fi operator, US Internet, starting at 8 a.m. tomorrow. Residents should change their computer service set identifier, or SSID, setting from ATTMETROFREE to SmartRiverside to continue to use the free Wi-Fi.
The City Council recently approved the change in Wi-Fi operations from AT&T to US Internet. US Internet will have the contract for the next five years.
The city partnered with AT&T in 2007 to build and sustain a free Internet access network for residents. The city will retain the assets and equipment associated with the Wi-Fi system and worked closely with AT&T to support a smooth transition, said Steve Reneker, the city’s chief information officer.
The city has also applied for federal economic stimulus grants to expand coverage across Riverside.
Wi-Fi coverage has spread since the program began three years ago. Many new users are graduates of the city’s Digital Inclusion Program. Families with incomes less than $45,000 can register for the program, which includes training in addition to a free refurbished PC, Microsoft Office software and a wireless access device through SmartRiverside. More than 4,000 city residents are graduates of the program.
For more information, go to, or call the city’s call center at (951) 826-5311.

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