Pizza Hut Coupon Scam

Pizza Hut Coupon ScamPizza Hut Scam: When I first signed up with Pizza Hut’s online account I received an email stating that I would get $5.00 off my next order, so I tried to use it today. I ordered a large super supreme pizza and on the check out page it said that the order qualified to use the coupon, although it did not reflect in the total amount which was $15.77, but should have bee $10.77 after the coupon is applied right, well it did not deduct the coupon instead it charged me the full amount of $15.77. I called the Pizza Hut that recieved my order and they said that it was because the pizza I ordered was already on special for $12.00 vs the normal price of $17.00 and some change. Ok fine I understand that if the pricing is an already discounted price then I can not apply this coupon, but why did it say that it was eligable for the coupon at check out but then not apply the coupon, but it gets worse I went back to my email and tried to use the coupon for a second order, just to see if it would still work, but to my surprise it said that “We couldn’t find that deal code. Would you like to look at our online deals” I posted a picture below.

So here is what I think they are doing at Pizza Hut. They use this coupon to draw you in then when you try to use it they say it qualifies for this order then when you order it they don’t apply the coupon and tell you that it was already discounted, by then you already went through the process and what the hell its only $5.00 right. Wrong think about it if they do this to one hundred people then they just conned $500.00 out of one hundred people expecting to save $5.00 off their order.

How they can fix this: They should have a message stating that this coupon can  not be applied to this order, because the pizza you are ordering has already been discounted from its original price. There problem solved and now Pizza Hut wouldn’t look like they where pulling a scam.

Please let me know if you have experienced this as well when you tried to apply the coupon you received from Pizza Hut

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