Gateway HD Monitor Model 2100

Consumer Review: I have a Gateway HD Monitor Model 2100, Product No. FPD2185W That no longer works.

Gateway HD 2100 Monitor

I have a Gateway HD Monitor Model 2100. The screen flickers and then turns off, it is also making a buzzing sound. I only had this monitor for about a year and a half before it stopped working, but because it was $499.00 I cant seem to throw it away. I had hoped to get it fixed, but I do not see a light at the end of this tunnel, after doing some research online recently it seem that this is a very common problem that has happened to many people. I have since purchased a new screen, but really wanted this one to get fixed, because it was really expensive. This is the first Gateway Product I have ever purchased, and most certainly the last, unless they make things right. I think it is important to share this information with others, so that we can prevent future sales of faulty products, so if you have experienced a problem with your Gateway HD Moniter model number 2100 or any other Gateway models I would love to here about it, also we need to spread the word about faulty equipment like this Gateway HD Monitor 2100. I basically paid about $30 a month for this monitor since I only got about one and a half years use out of it, that seem pretty crazy when you break it down.

As far as I know there is no way to fix this monitor, so in a nutshell you and I got ripped off, but if you know something that I don’t know, such as a way to get it fixed or replaced please let me know.

I recently took my Gateway HD Monitor Model 2100 apart and it seems to have over heated or fried for no apparent reason so here is a picture.

Gateway HD Monitor Model 2100 Internal Fried component
Gateway HD Monitor Model 2100 Internal Fried component

If you take yours apart and have a similar looking problem please send me your photos or share them by replying below.

Thanks and I hope this helps someone out there from making a mistake and buying a bad quality product like this Gateway HD 2100 Monitor

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