Gateway HD Monitor Model 2100

Consumer Review: I have a Gateway HD Monitor Model 2100, Product No. FPD2185W That no longer works.

Gateway HD 2100 Monitor

I have a Gateway HD Monitor Model 2100. The screen flickers and then turns off, it is also making a buzzing sound. I only had this monitor for about a year and a half before it stopped working, but because it was $499.00 I cant seem to throw it away. I had hoped to get it fixed, but I do not see a light at the end of this tunnel, after doing some research online recently it seem that this is a very common problem that has happened to many people. I have since purchased a new screen, but really wanted this one to get fixed, because it was really expensive. This is the first Gateway Product I have ever purchased, and most certainly the last, unless they make things right. I think it is important to share this information with others, so that we can prevent future sales of faulty products, so if you have experienced a problem with your Gateway HD Moniter model number 2100 or any other Gateway models I would love to here about it, also we need to spread the word about faulty equipment like this Gateway HD Monitor 2100. I basically paid about $30 a month for this monitor since I only got about one and a half years use out of it, that seem pretty crazy when you break it down.

As far as I know there is no way to fix this monitor, so in a nutshell you and I got ripped off, but if you know something that I don’t know, such as a way to get it fixed or replaced please let me know.

I recently took my Gateway HD Monitor Model 2100 apart and it seems to have over heated or fried for no apparent reason so here is a picture.

Gateway HD Monitor Model 2100 Internal Fried component
Gateway HD Monitor Model 2100 Internal Fried component

If you take yours apart and have a similar looking problem please send me your photos or share them by replying below.

Thanks and I hope this helps someone out there from making a mistake and buying a bad quality product like this Gateway HD 2100 Monitor

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11 thoughts on “Gateway HD Monitor Model 2100”

  1. I bought a Gateway in October, the screen which is a 2300 makes that funny noise and the screen is black. Did the whole dance of sending them a copy of the reciept to the fax number givien. I was told I had to send the screen back to then in 4 to 5 inches of bubble wrap with insurance to have them take a look to see if it really was the screen that was broken or not. Found out from a co-worker in our IT department that they never send you a new one or your old computer you sent back but a refurbished one. He said to check the SNID number on your computer when you get it back and it most likely will have “REFURBISHED” on the back in really really small letters. NEVER BUY GATEWAY THEY ARE HORRIBLE!!!!!!!! Worst experiece ever, will never make the same mistake again that’s for sure.

  2. I just recieved the same monitor but it didnt come with a power cord can you use any power cord or does it have to be special power supply? I need a cord.

  3. wow im in philadelphia and having the same problems as you guys. I did consider opening it up but the pricey tag continues to prevent me. The black screen briefly but quickly flashing the gateway logo. One trick that did work for me was to hold the power button for maybe 2 minutes with the power cord disconnected. Plug in the power cord and the monitor appeared to be working properly. However this trick only worked once and lasted for maybe a month. Also I noticed my moniter was made in 2006. The problem started earlier this year. With 2 cpu’s in the house and 1 moniter, I decided to try and fix the gateway one more time before we went out 2 by a new moniter!!

    1. m.m.peterson, I know exactly how you feel, and oh yes I remember the days of holding down the power button and getting so excited that it was going to work until like 30 seconds would pass and then nothing. I cant remember the exact date that I bought the monitor, but I think it was in like 2006 and it broke in 2008, and I have held on to it hoping one day to get it fixed or maybe by some miracle it would just work again when I plug it in, but that never happened, so this year in september 2010 I finally got curious and took it apart as you can see in the photos above and discovered the burned out circuit then after doing some research online I found that a lot of other people had reported the same thing happened to their monitor, and even after taking it apart I still didn’t throw it away, but I cleaned my office yesterday and as hard as it was I threw it away. I think it was so hard to throw away because for one it was pricey, but I think the hardest part about throwing it away was the fact that when it did work it was really a cool monitor with cool features. So I feel your pain and best of luck to you with your new monitors.

      Thanks for your reply

  4. The article sure did help. Same problem here. Contact Gateway, robot greeting, nothing more. Well, gateway, you’re now a paperweight with us until you either correct this issue or supply us with a means that will allow us to move on with our lives after spending irreplacable cash nearing 1/2 of grand! on your desk-stop!! NO MORE! with the Gayway! – 860-alz-2112h pd2185w

    1. Art, I know what your talking about I feel like I was ripped off by Gateway and I will never buy a Gateway product again unless they reimburse my money or give me a new monitor, which we all know will never happen. Gateway did us wrong it turns out that many people who had purchased the Gateway HD 2100 monitor had the same problem, because Gateway put a bad part that would overheat and burn out as seen in the photo above. I actually just thru out the monitor yesterday after hoping I would get it fixed, but I had to face the truth and realize that it was nothing more than a paper weight. I hope your next monitor is not a waste of money. I recommend the Hanspree 32 inch I purchased this monitor after the Gateway took a dump and so far so good. Good luck Art, and thanks for your response.

  5. Hey had the same problem but worse. I bought 3 gateway monitors at $635.00 a pop. They were model 2100. The worse was I paid for 5 year warranty. I called Gateway today and they said I only had 1 year and didn’t care what my Invoice said. But I could send my Invoice to some Fax number and get a appeal. Hello, I bought them from Gateway. Standard on there website was 3 year. I purchased extended from them for 5. Talk about feeling like a chump. I went online and found for about $140.00 with shipping problem solved. I didn’t like that price and looked locally and found A1 in Colorado at 303-422-0336 fixed them for $45.00 each. Talk to Eric. Monitors work great. P.S. they all failed within three weeks of each other. Doesn’t that seem strange. Good luck and thank you internet.

    1. Rich, That is horrible for Gateway to treat you like that, but unfortunately it happends all to often. Well I just want to say congratulations on getting your monitors fixed, and thank you for sharing this information with us. I hope it will help someone else with getting thier monitors fixed if they live in the Colorado area.

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