youtube 2010 survey

YouTube 2010 Survey is it real, or just another spam tactic.

What is this YouTube 2010 survey? Is it real or fake?

Stay away from this web site: it is a scam and I am pretty sure it is not really a youtube web site. This site seems like a phishing scam to collect your private information.

Ok, so I have encounter this YouTube 2010 survey twice now and it is very tempting, because the prizes that are offered are really good. Here are some of the prizes being offered $1000 WalMart Gift Card, Apple iPhone 4 and $500 Best Buy Gift Card, but I have a feeling that if I enter all of my information I am either going to get a ton of spam email or a ton of junk mail sent to my home. The survey also asks for your phone number, so I am also weary that I will get a ton of telemarketing calls if I enter my phone number or even worse a ton of spam text messages. I was wondering if anyone out there has completed this survey? And if so, did you get your prize or did you just get a tone of annoying telemarketing calls, text messages and or junk mail. Please share your experience, so that we can determine if this is a phishing scam or a real survey thank you.

I have placed some screen shots below.

Here is the link to the survey in question:

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